حلب.. الجيش قادم وسيسحق الإرهابيين و«المهاجرون» يحتلون منازل مدينة ادلب

LATAKIA:  I told you a few days ago that the assault on Kinsibba would be starting very soon.  It has started.  Yesterday, with blinding speed, despite meteorological conditions and dreadful topological impediments, the SAA has established full control over all these areas surrounding Kinsibba.  SAA spotters have seen terrorist runaways escaping toward the Turk border as the dark wings of death embrace the slithering monsters from Turkey, Chechnya, Uzbekistan and Sinkiang Province in China.

Ruwaysat Khandaq Al-Balaat (Pinnacle of the trench of Tiles)

Ruwaysat Jarid Al-Shawk (Pinnacle of the barren field of thorns)

Ruwaysat Hareeqat Sulaymaan (Pinnacle of Solomon’s Fire)

Al-Suwaydiyya Mountain

Ruwaysat Qutayliyyaat Hawka (Pinnacle of Hawka’s small rags, nyuk)

Kifirtaa Village

Elevation 454

High Point 846 (Scores of terrorists were seen here headed for the Turk border)

Biroomaa Village

Muzyan Village

Ruwaysat Humayroosh

In all the areas mentioned, the SAA Engineering Corps were busy dismantling IEDs and mines laid by the terrified rodents before their escape toward Turkey.  My source tells me that over 90 rats were killed during the last 48 hours by the SAA and SAAF.  He also says that large numbers of Toyota pickups and vans were destroyed by the SAAF.  There is anarchy within the ranks of the savages with a few of those with Syrian papers threatening to defect to “Assad’s Army”.


إيران مستعدة لتقديم «المشورة» في المجال الجوي والجيش يستعيد «ابو الزين»

These areas are being bombarded into the Stone Age as the SAA envelops the Christian town of Kinsibba:

Ruwaysat Al-Malik (Summit of the king)

Dhahrat Ardh Al-Ghadr  (Summit of treacherous land)

Ruwaysat Wataa Al-Sindiyaan (Summit of the Lowlands of the evergreen oaks)

Ruwaysat Wataa Al-Jawz  (Summit of the Lowlands of the walnuts)


South Al-Zuwayqaat

Al-Shaykh ‘Abdullah

Al-Ruwaysat Mountain

Ruwaysat Abu ‘Ali


Waadi Ardh Qurtub (Valley of Qurtub’s Land)

All these areas are expected to be followed up with a land invasion and restoration to the legitimate Syrian government in Damascus.


ALEPPO:  It is said that the battle for Aleppo will decide the fate of the terrorist rats in Syria.  Hilariously, the U.S. government has condemned President Assad’s remark 2 days ago that it was his intent to restore all lands to Syrian government control citing the importance of not continuing the process of snuffing out the terrorists while the more hilarious cease-fire continues.  I mean, folks, this is humor on the first and highest level.

الجيش يسيطر على عدد من التلال المحيطة بمنطقة كنسبا بريف اللاذقية الشمالي

Al-Taamoora Village and quarries:  Liberated completely 3 days ago.  It overlooks Hayyaan Town and is a chilling reminder to the cockroaches below that their time has run out.  This position is only 3kms from the main HQ of the Nusra/Alqaeda and Ahraar Al-Shaam vermin inside ‘Anadaan.  When ‘Anadaan falls, all Aleppo will be in the hands of the Syrian people and government.

Al-Bawwaabiyya:  Nusra is being annihilated here as many have been seen heading north to the Turk border.  However, it’s not so easy any more and some have been caught at checkpoints in drag.


Taadif:  Liberated in the southern part with some more blocks to go.


Jubb Al-Kalb at the Thermal Station:  ISIS has lost over 40 of its favorite filth during the last 36 hours and they are expected to withdraw under very heavy fire.


Teebat Al-Ism and its farms: Under total SAA control.


Al-Baab:  It means the door.  You can where the door leads.  On February 10, 2016, the SAA had made its first inroads into this important supply town.  These have been confirmed killed:

Nimr Al-Shukri (Leader of the Fajr Al-Shaam Islamic Movement)

Zakariyya Urfarli (His adjutant)

Hamad Al-Faarooqi


All these are expected to fall to the SAA during the next 72 hours:  Kamaareen, Al-Zurba, Khaan Al-‘Assa


A’zaaz:  The SAAF has killed scores of rodents in aerial bombardment designed to soften up the defenses for the large military ground force approaching.

Abdullah Mir’iy Kareem

‘Abdul-Qaadir Ibraaheem Ghool (And an ogre he really is)


Kafr Hamra:  Both the RuAF and SAAF are grinding the defenses of this town into dust.


Dhahrat Al-Qar’ah:  (Summit of the Gourd) Liberated

Dhahrat Al-Qindeela (Summit of the little lamp)  Liberated.


AS OF THE 13TH OF FEBRUARY, THE SYRIAN ARMY AND AIR FORCE HAVE EMBARKED ON PHASE 2 OF “OPERATION GREATER ALEPPO”.  It is the objective of this project to close all supply routes from Turkey. This is why the Saudis are pushing, pushing and pushing for some kind of action.  Russia says “Nyet” and the Saudis, who are despised in Syria, are going to face the rage of the Syrian artillery and missile defense systems.


The Syrian Army is advancing on the Aleppo-Turkey Highway to A’zaaz and Tal-Rif’aat.  As you can also see from the news herein-above, the SAA has already established strong positions overlooking ‘Anadaan and Hayyaan.  The SAA is clearing the areas south of Al-Zahraa` at Qindeel and Dhahrat Al-Qar’ah.   The terrorists seem emaciated, enervated in the face of Syria’s and Russia’s “shock and awe” tactics and technology.


‘Abid-Rabbuh Hills:  Near Al-Layramoon, the rats of Nusra/Alqaeda lost 9 of their litter-mates to the SAA and PDC.





Al-Ramliyya – Al-Satthiyyaat Lands:  The SAA has completed a field assessment after a clash with roaming ISIS vermin and confirmed the existence of 10 carcasses all of whom are non-Syrian.  No other details available.


IDLIB CITY:  Escaping filth from Aleppo have dug up some new Fatwaa issued by the Grand Shaman of Jaysh Al-Fath claiming it gives them the right to occupy 300 homes in the city.  The number of Chechen, Uigher and Uzbeki terrorist cannibals is estimated at around 775 including their insect-like progeny and their concubines.  Here’s the problem:  many of the homes they have commandeered belong to other terrorists.  A major confrontation is expected to start at a time when the Syrian Army and its allies are champing at the bit to invade Idlib and roast ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini alive.


Abu Al-Zayn Summit, 5th Elevation Point, Old Police Station, Dam Point between Atharyaa and Zakiyya on the border of Al-Raqqa:  In east rural Hamaa, the SAA under a powerful Russian air umbrella is preparing for the invasion that is much awaited.




Al-Taabiyya Village:  It belongs to Muhassan, about 20kms away.  33 ISIS cockroaches have been killed or wounded here in stunning special operations.  We have received confirmation that at least 21 are dead with about 12 wounded:

Khaalid Al-Salaama

‘Abdullah Al-Huwayj

Zayd Abu-Fattoon

Majdeddeen Muhammad

Mahmoud Al-Sakr  

The rest were all foreigners from Iraq, Pakistan, Malaysia and Somalia.


Al-Hamad Village:  The SAAF strafed ISIS positions and killed some rodents. No details.


Al-Hameediyya, Al-‘Aradhi, Al-Rushdiyya Quarters in the city:  71 ISIS rats confirmed killed  with 81 wounded according to ISIS broadcasts.  9 commanders killed.

Abu Islaam Al-Leebi (LIBYAN FLY GRUB AND CHILD MOLESTER.  Leader of a group allied with ISIS called “Jabhat Mataar Dayr Al-Zor or the Front for the Liberation of the Airbase at Dayr El-Zor. Yawn.)

‘Awwaad Al-‘Awwaad (A/k/a “Major Major”)

Sultaan ‘Awwaad

Baasil Al-Haamid

Islaam Al-Dayri


Al-Muree’iyya:  9 confirmed ISIS rats dead.


Al-Haawi Area between Hatla and Muraat:  A van with 12 rodent was put to flames on Muraat Road in the east rural part of the province.


The residents of Muraat have found a mass grave of 100 residents killed by ISIS.  They were mostly women and children.  Good show Obama. Thanks a lot for the democracy.




This is a photo of a large cache of Zionist-manufactured arms and ammo seized by Syrian Security Services with the help of local inhabitants in the western part of Suwaydaa` Province.  The truck was on its way to eastern Der’ah Province to deliver the much-needed supplies to embattled terrorist cannibals.  There were 7 Zionist-made  anti-tank rockets, 62 missiles with components, 128 RPG rockets, 42 mortar shells for 120mm launchers, 42 mortar shells for 82mm launchers,  and 100 Doschka rounds.   Angry locals had to be fenced off to prevent them from tearing the driver into shreds. 




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