When Yonatan sent this tape to us, he asked whether anyone had any information about it.  I replied, without much information, that it was about terrorists killing “Assad’s militias”.  But, that did not tell the whole truth.  My source in Damascus saw the tape and began an investigation.  I can now tell you that the tape reveals an horrific massacre ordered by the Saudi monsters to “avenge” the death of Zahraan ‘Alloosh.  This event constitutes an open war crime and should be investigated by the push-over whores in Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.  But, tee hee hee, we know who they work for.  Here are the details:

On the same day the president’s mother passed away, the terrorist-infested region of the East Ghoutaa, was ablaze with Schadenfreude, that German expression meaning to rejoice at another’s misfortune.  In Arabic it’s called “Shamaat”.  The rats were Saudi stooges belonging to Jaysh Al-Islam.  They wanted to send a message of defiance to Dr. Assad at a time when his mother had just passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 86 years.

The commentator says the scene was in Tal Al-Sawwaan in the deep East Ghoutaa .  Just 9 people less than 100 were dressed in dark prison uniforms and told they had to run a gauntlet.  Those who were able to clear the gauntlet would be set free.  Otherwise, it was obvious all others would die running down a fenced corridor with Doschkas and AK47s firing away at them.  I was told that only a few made it through the gauntlet but were shot in the head afterwards.  The video does not tell the whole picture.  In order to control the targets,  they were released in batches of 20.  In other words, this massacre was played out in 5 separate rounds.        




John Esq. sends this astonishingly honest article about American designs on Syria and the hypocrisy attendant to it:

Here are the scenes of the first Saudi troops arriving in Syria.  (Thanks, Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri)

Mary Shabbiha Woodward forwards this item for all those who are studying propaganda:



PHOTOS OF THE DAY:  (Thanks, Yonatan)

This is a family photo showing Dr. Assad and the kids.  In the far left hand corner, you can see Lt. Gen. Aassif Shawkat, who used to head the Syrian Military Intelligence Directorate until he was named Deputy Chief of Staff.  He was assassinated with Lt. General Daawood Raajiha, Lt. Gen. (ret) Hassan Turkmaani, and Lt. Gen. Hishaam Yikhtiyaar on July 12, 2012 in an operation ordered by Bandar Bin Sultaan and carried out by the now dead Zahraan ‘Alloosh.  General Shawkat was the president’s brother-in-law, married to Dr. Assad’s sister, Bushraa. In the center is Aneesa Makhloof, who is the president’s mother. She just passed away on Saturday.  


This is the general who is to lead Saudi Arabia’s foray into Syria.  I cannot tell you his name because it is vulgar sounding.  (Thanks, Aida)

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