The Southern Front is a joint British/American/Zionist disaster.  Not only have the training bases in Jordan amounted to nothing more than factories for the production of carcasses and bags of simian fertilizer,  they have also exposed the villainy of the entire Hashemite line of traitors – and now for even the most hardened historical pessimists, they, the Hashemites are stripped of any semblance of legitimacy or claims to personal honor.  The Big Surprise has also played a major part in all this, but, more than anything else, it is the fact that the Syrian military has traditionally strengthened this front in anticipation of a war with the Zionist Obscenity that has made it so durable; so impenetrable; so daunting.  With Russia now prowling the skies, the Pygmy king of Jordan, the half-breed, ‘Abdullah bin Antoinette Avril Gardiner zawjat Hussein bin Zayn, has to wallow in the fetid sewer pipes of Saudi promises and swallow the pitiful pride he once thought he had.


North Umm Walad:  With superb intelligence in hand, the SAA and the PDC snuck up on a Nusra/Alqaeda nest of vultures and, using anti-tank launchers, destroyed 2 Toyota pickups armed with 23mm cannons.  6 scavengers were killed.  There were only 2 with Syrian papers.  The rest were Jordanteezians:

Mubaarak Muhammad Al-Tahhaan

‘Abdul-Ameer Hassan Al-Naabulusi


Al-Yaadoodaa:  The SAA unleashed an operation against the southern and northeastern margins of this town inflicting huge losses on the Nusra/Alqaeda rodents.  The area is still being assessed.


Jilleen Residential Area:  3 terrorist doctors found themselves between to outposts controlled by members of the Harakat Al-Muthannaa Al-Islaamiyya.  The medicos were killed.  Here are the operational names with their identities still pending:

Abu Hifs

Abu Ahmad

Abu Hamza




With food being dropped into areas surrounded by the cannibals of ISIS, the SAA is feeling more comfortable in counter-attacking and proactively seeking out battles with the ISIS rodents:


D.Z. Airbase:  Spotters confirmed 4 dead ISIS rodents on the eastern periphery of the base.


Bayt Dughaym:  An ISIS attack on an SAA outpost was repelled with serious losses to the rodents.


City:  At the Agricultural College:  Alert PDC warriors armed with an RPG blew apart a moving pickup with 23mm cannon.  The driver of the flatbed and his accomplice were from North Africa.


Al-‘Urfi Quarter and Al-Jubayla Quarter:  SAA active here with no details.


Al-Siyaasiyya Bridge Area:  A convoy of about 9 pickups with 3 vans heading for Dayr El-Zor from Iraq was incinerated by Russian bombers who had gotten a heads-up from local citizens.


Al-Muree’iyya:  At the Euphrates Center, a stolen T-72 Iraqi tank was set ablaze by SAA Kornet operators.  The rat-like crew was not able to escape the flames and were burned to death.


Ayyaash Town:  At Tal Al-Mahrooqaat, a rocket launcher was destroyed.  No other details.


We can confirm that the following ISIS rodents were killed in the eastern sector of the province on the Iraqi border by the SAA:

Abu Usaamaa Al-‘Iraaqi (a/k/a Waali Al-Shaddaadi or Governor of Al-Shaddaadi.  IRAQI FLY GRUB)

Abu Sayyaaf Al-Leebi (In charge of warehousing weapons and ammo.  LIBYAN TOENAIL CRUD)












قائد ميداني يؤكد تأمين بلدة صحنايا بعد السيطرة على ثلث مساحة مدينة داريا

Sahnaayaa:  Totally liberated last night along with Ashrafiyyat Sahnaayaa.


Daarayyaa:  In the Western Ghoutaa.  The SAA has made remarkable advances here to a length of 2 kilometers and width of 800 meters.  The SAA now controls a third of the suburb and has cut all lifelines for the terrorists into neighboring areas such as Madhaayaa.  The SAA has found a complex Palesteezian-dug network of tunnels hundreds of meters long and has engaged in hand-to-hand combat with trapped rodents who tried to put up a fight, but, given the vast difference in training, inflicted no casualties on our soldiers.  Monzer reports the deaths of 19 rats most of whom were non-Syrians.







ALEPPO:   We can confirm the complete liberation of Al-Shallaala Al-Kabeera (The Great Waterfall) as of yesterday afternoon.  No other details.


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