I know what you’re thinking: “what did he do?”.  Well, he didn’t get a lot of publicity but he managed to bring the United States closer to normalization after a solid 5 decades-plus of American hounding, moaning, yelping, screeching, barfing and caterwauling; and, for that matter, 5 decades of American efforts to kill his pesky brother, the immortal, Fidel Castro.  Look.  For a guy who hardly appeared in the Western Press, that ain’t bad.

These old dinosaurs like Raoul are on their way out.  But, they shouldn’t depart the scene without recognition by a sterling website like ours.  I mean, the Castro brothers (No! Silly. Not the DeCastro Sisters!) were instrumental in reining in the Rabelaisian aspirations of 10 presidents accompanied by the usual potpourri of sinister white people like successive C IA Directors, successive Pentagon Chiefs and successive, Machiavellian/Metternichian bamboozling NSC advisors with their inevitably foreign accents – Dr. Strangelove? Sort of.  The Castros have defied all odds and snubbed their noses at a dazzling queue of putatively pathological pink-complexioned pettifoggers from hardline states like Kansas, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas and California.

Besides managing the seemingly impossible, Raoul has goosed all those Cuban exiles who never got the message that opening up Cuba to American vices would be a sure guarantor of the fall of the country and riddance from the Castros – their ubiquitous security services and any mention of communism.  Despite the obvious, Cuban-Americans or Cuban Canadians, like Republican nominee-hopeful, Ted Cruz or his more snarling and amoral competitor, Marco Rubio, continue to beat the drums of scorn – undoing everything the shifty-eyed Obama has done – as though they were Satan’s offspring willing to unravel the universe only to make it more of a nothingness.

Raoul has vowed to retire to a comfortable life of fishing for tarpon and drinking Cuba’s excellent rum.  I don’t know who is going to follow in his footsteps.  I sure hope it’s not another Castro only because I am tired of dynasties.

Jeb Bush. Dynasties? 



Penny pooh-poohs the historicity of any Kurdish Syria:

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