(Thanks, Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri)

DER’AH:   This is probably the most difficult front for the terrorists since it was always the scene of the most intense training and maneuvers of the Syrian Arab Army.  With a focus on fighting the Zionist Settler State, the SAA put all its assets and capabilities on this front with an eye always kept on the malicious Hashemite junta in Amman.  The endgame is coming, as it should.

Al-Shaykh Miskeen:  As of January 13, 2016, the SAA, with crucial help from the RuAF,  has liberated over 35 blocks including the area south of Tal Al-Hash and the 82nd Brigade base.  But, as the terrorist supporting rat websites have now admitted, the murdering gangs supported by Jordan, the Saudi regime and the Qatari Sultanate of Squat, have sustained a confirmed 70 dead with hundreds dying from their wounds.  Here are some of the names:

“Abu Jawlaan” (Leader of Jaysh Al-Islam. Id pending)

Jaabir Al-Dayri

Muhammad Idrees

Yusuf Shihaada

Between Rakhm and Al-Karak:  At an SAA military outpost, agents of the Syrian Security Services monitored the movements of a platoon-sized unit of rodents and laid a trap for them.  When the ambush was initiated, it appeared to the SAA commanders that the rats had no idea the army had detected their movement.  It was a turkey shoot.  Most of the rodents were killed.  Monzer writes that 24 were counted dead with another group seen heading into the desert:

“Abu ‘Ubayda” (Id pending)

‘Aassem ‘Izzaat Al-Taweel


Central Der’ah City:  Continuous action here.  The SAA-SF killed this rat leader on January 15, 2016

Anas Abu Nabboot (A/k/a “Abu ‘Abdullah”.  See photo below)


Senior Commander of al-Qaeda in Syria Found Dead in Daraa

Rakhm:  The SAA is clearly out to get the rat leaders and is embarking on a very effective campaign all over the country to snag these vermin.  Usually, the SAA plants IEDs exactly the same way the terrorists were trained by the Americans to do.  After all, the U.S. is a true bastion of knowledge about IEDs and their uses in Iraq against occupation forces.

A van flew down the road near Rakhm carrying 4 terrorist hyenas.  When they shot past a disabled car, they thought nothing about the tilted vehicle until they were granted a nano-second to realize that they were being spirited off the Mephisto’s Massage Parlor in Hell:

Suwaylim Al-Rukub  (Leader of Kataa`ib Qubbat Al-Sakhra, translation: “The Brigades of the Dome of the Rock”, yawn)

Raami Al-Rukub (member of Alwiyat Al-‘Umari)

Khalaf Al-Rukub (member of Alwiyat Al-‘Umari)

Taalib Al-Karaahisha (member of Alwiyat Al-‘Umari) 

Al-Nu’ayma:  4 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed from the air by the RuAF and SAAF yesterday.  A mortar launcher, rockets and a rat operator were seen blowing up.


LATAKIA:   It should be evident to all that Turkey has given up on this area.  The Syrian Army and its allies appear unstoppable.

مصدر أمني: حلب ستشهد أكبر عملية عسكرية منذ بداية الحرب

The day before yesterday and into the present, the SAA has liberated the following areas:

All hills around Al-Sarraaf village

489 Elevation

465 Elevation

547 Elevation

All of these summits look straight down at Al-Durra and the Al-Sarraaf outpost.  Sappers are now disassembling IEDS planted in order to delay the advance of the Syrian Army.

Al-Kawn Al-Tahtaani:  Liberated yesterday.

Al-Murayj Village:  Liberated today.



Brandon gives us even more evidence of the shameless lying about Madhaayaa:

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