Ali Saqr, executed his own mother yesterday because she implored him to leave the ISIS organization in Al-Raqqa and return to her native coastal region where the legitimate government is in full control.  The details of this curious event are somewhat murky.  Yet, we do know from terrorist websites that the mother was dragged out and forced to kneel as her own son racked the automatic rifle which was to end her life.  She was only 36 years old.  If this degenerate was demonstrating willpower so mindless it defies understanding, he was totally successful.

Oedipus was fated to marry his own mother, Jocasta.  In order to marry her, he had to kill his own father, Laius.  The oracle spoke of a young man who was not yet born, but, who would eventually marry his own mother.  Only Tiresias knew the horrific details of the outrage.  We get the expression “Oedipal Complex” from this preternatural chain of events.  When Jocasta learned she had been sleeping with her son, she took her life and ended the shame.

Ali Saqr, a clearly demented denizen of the ISIS world of malignant narcissism, denounced her to the organization.  He ratted on her.  Because he was now a member of a group committed to the egalitarian principles of total conformity among what it defines as “Islam”, his only true mother was ISIS.  His birth mother had no value other than acting as the biological medium by which this sorry excuse for a human could achieve existence.  You see, in the ISIS way of thinking, you don’t just join the group, you are absorbed in it.  Examples of this are movies from the 1950’s which evoked the fears of an heartless and insensitive communism spreading and destroying the individual personality of humans, like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.  Imagine a world in which an individual is nothing more than a part of an organic whole – not meant to suffer or sense emotion – only to project commitment to a common purpose, which in the case of ISIS, is nothing more than pure nihilism.

It has become increasingly clear to me that the Arab and Islamic World’s eschewal of psychology and psychiatry has now come around in the form of a monster completely devoid of conscience.  As Arabs continued to look upon the treatment of mental disorders as a kind of necromancy, the number of humans with untreated psychiatric diseases continued to multiply and found its voice eventually in the Saudi program of political Wahhabism, a cult which exults in human suffering, a cult that would cleave to the thesis of a book titled “The Administration of Savagery”, a cult which, besides denying to women the simple privilege of mobility; denying Christians the right to worship; denying to progressive humans the right to sit in a cinema or to drink a beer,  maliciously  denied homosexuals the right to live by throwing them from the roofs of buildings and denied a mother the simple condescension that would enable her to suggest that she and her son move to a civilized part of this world.

The look on the face of Ali Saqr is one of a sociopath.   His eyes are like those of a mannequin’s.  There is no mirth, emotion, affection or empathy in his eyes.  His effort to exude solemn devotion is a fraud.  He exists to merely act out the perquisites of a wrathful and ignorant Greek deity.

Besides burning pilots alive in a cage, hurling alleged homosexuals from buildings, crucifying the dead, using anti-tank weapons to execute a bound prisoner accused of apostasyor collaboration with the authorities, or slicing off the heads of unarmed prisoners,  they have done something even more shameful, if that were possible to envision: they have turned Islam into a message of pure hate.  They have made fools out of their own prophets.  Wahhabism is so vile it begs to be exterminated by Nazis.

ISIS and Alqaeda, Ahraar Al-Shaam and Jaysh Al-Islam, are all results of the Arab fear of psychology.  It took only a crisis engineered by psychopaths like Robert Ford, Bandar Bin Sultaan and David Cameron, tarted up as “jihaad”, to bring out all the neglected sickly minds infesting the streets of the Arab World.  And all this trouble to oust the sitting government of a sovereign member state of the United Nations.  But, now they’re going West young man.  No sympathy here.  We told you so. Enjoy.  ZAF



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