الجيش يحكم سيطرته على تل جعيري بريف حلب الجنوبي

ALEPPO:  The indicators are numerous.  Yet, the main one is the ability of the SAA security services to perform field assessments in Aleppo with newly gained confidence in the security of the areas liberated.  You will note that this report contains details that would normally be more consistent with the conditions in Damascus or Der’ah.  Thus, it is clear that the Syrian Army and its allies are making major headway in clearing out the rats from the area as it makes its way inexorably all the way to the Turk border.


Tal Ju’ayri:  Completely deloused and liberated.  The SAA and PDC conducted uniquely sterling operations involving new tactics of pushing-pulling the Nusra rats with many instances resulting in successful ambushes such as the one that resulted in the liberation of this town.  The Engineering Corps are still dismantling IEDs left behind by the rodents in order to both slow down the movement of our army and to kill a few soldiers here and there.  No dice.  It didn’t work and the tactic is so well known that it is testament to their ignorance that they continue to do the same exact thing every time.  Here are the names of the carcasses belonging to positively identified Syrian traitors and rats:

Luqmaan Muhammad

Subhi Muhammad Hamshu (No relation to the Arab-American boxer, Mustafa Hamsho of New Jersey)

Maalik ‘Abdul-Rahmaan

‘Umar ‘Abdul-Lateef

Muhammad Falaaha

Zayn Hamdoon

Muhammad Naafi’ ‘Ammoori

Bilaal Rabee’ Sumsum

‘Abdullah Muhammad Zaynu

Hudhayfa ‘Abdullah Ibraaheem

Muhammad Hassan Al-Qaasim

Jaabir Annoof

Another 63 could not be identified and are known to be foreigners.  May they all burn in Hell.


South of the Kuwayris Airbase, the Syrian Army clashed with Nusra/Alqaeda, inter alia, and killed these among the 40+ rodents:

Mustafaa Al-‘Ali (Leader of Tammaam Al-Ahmad Brigade, a part of Jaysh Al-Shaam)

‘Abdullah Shi’’u (Leader of Faylaq Al-Shaam)

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Khateeb (Leader in Nusra/Alqaeda)

Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Ra’doon (Leader in Tajammu’ Suqoor Al-Ghaab)

Abu Fawwaaz Al-Ahmad (Id pending.  A leader in Jaysh Al-Shaam)

Saa`ir Sakraan (He was real drunk when he took his bullet.  Leader in Tajammu’ Fa-Istaqim)

Taahaa Khalaf Al-Shaykh

Wadhdhaah Jadaat Al-Humaydi

Saabir Ma’tooq

Majd Hussayn Al-‘Umar

Raamiz Noori Al-Hammood

Ahmad Jum’ah Al-‘Abbaas

Riyaadh Al-Ma’aaz

‘Abdul-Hakeem Al-Yunus

Ahmad Fawwaaz Al-Hilaal

‘Abdul-Mun’im Shahhood ‘Abid

The rest of the trash was foreign.


Rasm Al-‘Abid at the grain silos and residencies south of Kuwayris and all the way from the silos to the Kawthar Fuel Station in the area of Humayma (Var: Hameema) on the Aleppo-Al-Raqqa Highway. COMPLETELY LIBERATED AND DELOUSED.


Tal Daadeen:  15 rodents belonging to Al-Nusra/Alqaeda killed here.  No survivors.  And no names.


Northern Aleppo City near Al-Layramoon:  The SAA killed this rodent:

Abu Tameem Al-Jazraawi (SAUDI ARABIAN PIG PUSTULE and leader of ISIS.  He was killed by a mine placed just for him by our soldiers.  He was rendered into one big pile of Ayraab mucous as he was on his way to Latakia).  His aide, Anas Khaalid Al-Saalih, of Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam, was also killed with him.)


Border of Aleppo-Idlib:  Abi Qahaafa Al-Karbalaa`iy was killed by his own IED while on his way in his car to Idlib Province near Kafarayyaa.  He was Iraqi.


Umm Zaleela, Tal-Ayyoob, Khilsa, Huraytaan:  All these were set ablaze by both SAA artillery and the SAAF.  The villages were abandoned by their inhabitants who now live mostly in Turk refugee camps.


Heavy fighting is continuing in Al-Raashideen Block 4, Layramoon, Al-Zahraa` Assoc., Bani Zayd, Shuwayrikh, Kafr Hamraa, Al-Mansoora.  The SAAF is heavily involve in the fighting here and is flying sorties non-stop.




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