الجيش السوري

ALEPPO:  The M5 Damascus-Aleppo International Highway has been closed by the SAA at the village of Al-Khaalidiyya essentially strangling the terrorist hyenas in Al-Zurba and Khaan Al-‘Asal.  All supply lines are severed and it’s only a matter of a short time before the rats crumble into the vindictive arms of our Popular Defense Committees.  Already the panic has set in as rodents froth at the mouth, squealing out vulgar recriminations at their leaders who promised them everything – everything, that is, until Russia started to prowl the skies and blunted every attempt to bring in Saudi-purchased supplies.  No,  the rats are finished and people are talking openly about Aleppo becoming rat free.


The priority now is to move westward toward Al-Raashideen.  This area, because of its peculiarities will not be assaulted directly.  Instead, the SAA is expected to move around the suburb in order to interdict any possible attempt by the Erdoghani criminals to resupply the terrorists holding out in the area.  Thus, do not expect any dramatic moves here.   Instead expect the SAA to siege the area while moving to liberate Icarda, Abu-Shaleem, Al-Shaykh Raheel and Al-Zurba.

The West is calling for a ceasefire now.  Why?  Read the article I’ve posted below.


LATAKIA:  The much-anticipated move to Salmaa has begun.  The terrorists are expected to put up a ferocious defense because, without Salmaa, their entire project in the northeast of the province will self-destruct and they will find themselves more as guests of the corrupt Turk regime than they are as fighters for their corrupt version of Islam.


الجيش يدك معاقل «النصرة» في سلمى والمناطق الغربيّة في ريف حلب الجنوبي قاب قوسين

Maneuvering in Salmaa will be difficult owing to the terrain which is, obviously, very mountainous.  I am telling my readers to watch for carefully planned use of paratroopers who have been training for weeks for this operation and look for deployment of brand new artillery bought from the Russian Federation including the TOS-1 cannon.  Because Salmaa is abandoned, we expect the town to be leveled to the ground by both artillery and air power.  It’s the cost of war.  Once Salmaa is secure,  tens of thousands of trained fighters will descend on Jisr Al-Shughoor where the soon-to-be-burned-alive Saudi cockroach, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, has been calling for a dissolution of Jaysh Al-Fath and the establishment of an Islamic Emirate.


الجيش السوري




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