الجيش السوري



The Syrian Army has added 2 more locations to the long list of liberated towns and villages close to the border with Turk-Occupied Syria (Hatay):

Bireendi (Var: Brindi) Summit has been deloused and liberated from Alqaeda/Nusra.

Al-Rubay’ah Heights has been totally freed of the rodent filth .

الجيش يشعل جبهة ريف حلب الجنوبي و«داعش» إلى خارج المخيم

As of now, the SAA and its allies are verging on total victory here which will place them in total control over the eastern wall of the Zaawiya Mountains overlooking the entire Waadi Al-Ghaab.  One of the factors delaying the inevitable extermination of these disease-afflicted monkeys is weather.  It’s just hard to maneuver in the mountains when snow and high winds batter our soldiers.  Of note is the fact that the SAA is now using brand new weaponry for which the rat scum have no defense.


ALEPPO:  You can see Russian interceptors flying cover for the bombers now that Erdoghan has thrown all his trump cards into the rubbish can.  The next time the stupid Erdoghani Turks open fire on a Russian jet, it will be curtains for Erdoghan.  Now that the S-400 system is installed and ready for action, it will be doubly interesting to listen to Turk pilots screaming bloody murder as their aircraft fall to the earth like fiery meteors.

Lattakia- army 4

The Damascus-Aleppo Highway to the south of the city is called the “Autobahn” or “High Speed Highway”.  The SAA is close to shutting the highway down for smuggling and the rats know it.  It is only a matter of hours and you can hear the chatter between the rodents decrying the sorry state of affairs in which they have found themselves.  One group,  Thuwwaar Al-Shaam (The Revolutionaries of Syria, nyuk), has a leader who was recorded contacting another in Al-Nusra/Alqaeda.  Here is the gist of what he blathered into the cellphone:

“Some old story….There is no balance or any components lower than this:  the situation is awful in its totality.  Aircraft, artillery…launchers of every kind.”  

(Boo hoo hoo)

The army is fixing to reach Kafarayyaa and Al-Faw’ah in Idlib/Hama soon.  The SAA is also trying to restore the electrical power at the generator at Al-Zurba which has now been deloused.  Wish them well.


HOMS:  The first wave of terrorist rodents and their stinking families have left this last part of the city (Al-Wa’er) relinquishing it to the legitimate authorities and the civilians whose property was unlawfully taken by this species of vermin.  14 buses left this morning followed by some ambulances ferrying dying rats to some unknown charnel house in Idlib Province where they’ll rot among the putrefying carcasses of their fellow litter-mates.  The government has agreed to release and resolve the issues of 270+ prisoners who deserve to be strangled to death.

دخول 14 حافلة إلى حي الوعر لنقل المسلحين إلى إدلب.. وروسيا تحذر تركيا من إرسال قوات إلى سورية

The entire event is being sponsored by the U.N. and the Syrian Red Crescent Society.  As of now, we are at the first stage of implementing this agreement which is being conducted during an agreed-upon cease fire.  Talaal Al-Baraazi, the provincial governor, has added details concerning some rodents who have chosen to remain and take advantage of the amnesty program.  Some, who have not agreed to the truce, still are waiting to hear  about the government’s response to their conditions. All told, the number of rats leaving at present are 300 plus their vermin-like issue and whore wives at 400.  Some are being allowed to leave with only their personal weapons and some are leaving unarmed.  A humiliating end for these purulent microbes.




‘Irbeen:  On December 7, 2015, the Syrian Army put these rodents on the Speed-Rail to Hell:

Muhammad Zaghlool

Ihsaan Karnaba

Mu`ayyad ‘Irbeena

4 vehicles were destroyed.


Marj Al-Sultaan:  SAA expanding its reach into this area.  Expect an announcement soon.


Doumaa:  The Syrian Army killed this:

Salaahuddeen Al-Saleek (A/k/a “Abu Ibraaheem Al-Sab’” leader of “Abu ‘Ubayda Al-Ansaari Brigade”, a branch of Al-Ittihaad Al-Islami Li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam.

Mahmoud Al-Kalas (JI sniper known as “Abu Khaleel Al-Hoot”

42 others were killed also.



Nicholas Reardon sends this video showing Russia’s most effective bombs in Syria:

Arabi Souri and Bashar Murtada forward this nice article showing how HZB wiped out an American asset in Lebanon:

A group of noble Scots have filed a claim against Cameron for war crimes:

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