أنباء عن تدريبات سورية روسية مشتركة لإنزال جوي في إدلب

LATAKIA:  We are not reporting here anything exclusive or new.  It is now well known that Syria’s Special Forces are involved with Russia’s Speznaz in training for the rear-holding action which will start quite soon in the Waadi Al-Ghaab area to liberate the town of Jisr Al-Shughoor from the stink and disease of American-supported “moderate” mass murders belonging to Alqaeda and Jaysh Al-Fath.  The project envisions hundreds of specialized airborne units landing north of Jisr Al-Shughoor to accomplish 2 things:  the first is to prevent any reinforcements coming in from Idlib the provincial capital and, second, to interdict the expected attempt by the rats trapped inside the city from escaping.  Our army is aware that almost all the terrorist cockroaches are foreigners and the standing order is to kill them all, especially the Chechens and Uighers, since Russia and China have a particular aversion to those two groups, respectively.

The training is taking place in an area to the west of the Jibaal Al-Zaawiha which resembles the sloping mountains leading down to a flat plain such as the one in Syria’s own Biqaa’ Valley, the Waadi Al-Ghaab.   It is meant to reflect as accurately as possible the exact geography of the town.  With so many summits and villages now reconquered by our army, the work toward liberating Idlib becomes even more urgent.  Note that rockets have stopped falling on Latakia City, as reported to us by my wife’s relatives and our source in the city.  It appears that with the exception of small roving bands of degenerates carrying TOW missile launchers, the area is being cleansed quite comprehensively.

Russian bombers and interceptors are the key to this strategy.  By positioning satellites over the Turk-Syrian border and the RuAF flying 24/7 sorties in the area, all supply lines to Nusra/Alqaeda and Jaysh Al-Fath have been closed.  The Turk Erdoghani criminals know that it is no longer advisable to drive in convoys with weapons and ammunition because the Russian bombers are all over watching their every move.   This has freed the SAAF to go after terrorist barbarians inside the border which is producing very tangible results.  (Thanks, Nick)

The leader of a group called the “Free Fighters of the Central Mountain” (I kid you not) was killed yesterday:

Ahmad Al-‘Ali (May he and his tribe of roaches burn in Hell together)



الجيش يسيطر على مزارع جديدة في مرج السلطان بالغوطة الشرقية

Harastaa-Marj-Al-Sultaan Axis:  The SAA is advancing across the entire front here toward the Harastaa-Al-Qantara axis and Nawla.  Scores of fortifications have been destroyed and many rodents dispatched:

Mahmoud Sirhaan (Leader of Nusra)

Ja’afar Mansoor

‘Afeef Al-Halabi

Ahmad Ghazaal ‘Izzeddeen Barkhash

Jibreel Sawwaaniyya

‘Alaa` Wafaa


Doumaa:  The rat ‘Alloosh is feeling the shiny blade coming oh so close to his sweating beard.  Artillery courtesy of the SAA blasted Jaysh Al-Islam position killing 3 rodents:

Baasil Al-Za’eem

‘Adnaan Al-Nakhkhaaz

Ahmada Shihaab


Hammooriyya:  The PDC killed this mongrel:

Ziyaad Hassoon


Jawbar east of the Corniche:  The SAA sniped a sniper and killed 4 rodents below him in the same building.


Daarayyaa:  5 vermin killed here:

Waleed Al-Qaadiri

“Umar” a/k/a “Abu Faarooq”

Another 3 were foreigners and could not be identified.

At the Four Seasons, 3 days ago, the SAA killed a leader of the Al-Ittihaad Al-Islami Li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam:

Ahmad Mahmoud


Al-Hajar Al-Aswad:  Internecine conflicts between rival rodents led to the deaths of 11 litter mates with only these identified:

Muhammad Kashoora (Leader of Jaysh Al-Islam)

Muhammad Hamza (Leader of Liwaa` Shuhadaa` Al-Rasool)


Al-Dhumayr:  Jaysh Al-Islam and Jaysh Tahreer Al-Shaam had it out over territory with no details available yet.




At Al-Qaryatayn, the ISIS cannibals invaded an area of checkpoints with a suicide driver directing his personal coffin straight at our soldiers.  The truck was blown up by alert infantry reducing the smiling imbecile into so many atoms.  Altogether, as the rats tried to escape the imminent disaster, the SAA and PDC destroyed 15 vehicles with a unique tactic newly developed to prevent escape.


Al-Sukhna:  The SAAF destroyed a convoy of rat-loaded trucks on the Dayr El-Zor-Homs Highway.



A high ranking member of the Islamic council of Switzerland went to Syria to shoot a documentary in the “rebel” occupied areas! They say they didn’t plan to meet Dr. Abd Allah al-Muhaysini (one of the Al Nusra and jaysh al fath leaders from KSA) , but they were lucky and he even gave them an exclusive interview! I haven’t watched it all yet, but the first 15 min (of 40) are ridiculous and interesting at the same time! He tells how they, thanks to Allah, managed to defeat the strong armies of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah in Idlib and says that this defeat is the reason why Russia is now supporting them! Really interesting is, that he explains why he actually came to Syria in 2013! He says that he intended to unite the rebel groups with Isis (and that he supported IS in Iraq until they got into conflict with the Rebels in Syria) ! Every FSA supporter that says that ISIS got created by President Assad should watch this!
In Switzerland this video is a big thing in the mainstream media and people are now asking the Swiss government to do something against the Islamic council of Switzerland, because they have connections to terrorists ( the Islamic council calls him a moderate leader that fights against extremists and Assad)!!

AR/EN/FR/DE – Exclusive Interview with Dr. Abd Allah al-Muhaysini – «The Islamic State and I»




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CARTOON OF THE DAY:  From Tony Gratrex

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