Algerian citizens massacred by the French in Algeria during that country’s war with Colonial France.  The French killed over One Million Algerian Muslim Arabs.


Nobody wants to say it, but, I will: The French do not have a long memory at all.  And neither do the British when it comes to the more hideous crevices in their mutually oppressive histories.  Gee, 129 citizens were killed by some Islamist militants.  How does that compare to what France did in Algeria?  Heck, the British oversaw the implantation of European Jews in Palestine and the extirpation of the autochthonous people of Arab Palestine, essentially dooming our region to eons of instability and conflict.  So, when the French get hit, I feel for their innocents – but, I feel nothing but contempt for the political leaders who deliberately nurtured the various terrorist groups who, most conveniently, operated out of those countries which feel the most gratitude to the French and British, i.e. Jordan and Turkey.  It is pure Schadenfreude.  Sorry. But, that’s how it is.

The Turks love the French.  After all, the French gave them a chunk of Syrian land where everybody spoke, amazingly, Syrian Arabic!  They gave Hatay to them, along with Iskandaroon and Rayhaaniyya without so much as a twitch of shame.

And the Jordanians love the English who gave them a piece of Southern Syria and called it Transjordan.  They gave the land to a race of grubs from the Hijaaz by the name of The Hashemites…a clan at odds with the Wahhabist Saudi riff-raff who took the entire peninsula with all its oil, sand and horse flies the size of sparrows.  Today, it gets even better; the Jordanian king, ‘Abdullah II, has a mother who is really English (Antoinette Avril Gardiner) and he can hardly speak Arabic without a hint of aphasia.  He can’t wait to help his brethren in Old Blighty.  The Brits have got to stick together, after all.

What the French won’t tell you is that all the while, as they served the interests of the Saudi Arabian cockroaches, they were looking aside at the fanatical preaching of Muslim clergymen who received monthly stipends from the KSA embassy in Paris to organize young men and women into potential terrorists.  The terrorists who perpetrated the monstrous act last Friday in the French capital were all students of the same clique of rabblerousing, hypocritical and nihilistic shamans.  And Hollande, who is more engorged with Syrian blood than even ‘Abdullah of Jordan, knew full well that the French Surete was only keeping an “indifferent eye” on these murderous gangsters.  The French government is steeped in the blood of the Syrian people and the people of France.

Francois Hollande is now the odd man out in Paris.  He is regularly ignored by French parliamentarians who are flocking to Damascus in an effort to meet with and cajole our president.  Suddenly, French politicians are suggesting the formerly unspeakable: a relationship with Ba’athist Syria which is sensible and rational.  In a recent poll conducted by Le Figaro, 70% of those French men and women who participated insisted that Dr. Assad remain the president of Syria.  Hollande would do better if he looked at his own polls to see how he fares in the minds and hearts of his citizens.  It is well know that his approval rating is about the number of American football players on one team.  Given this new atrocity, which would have been prevented had Hollande and his security chiefs placed the interests of their countrymen above those of the quasi-simian Arabian savages, Marine Le Pen is a virtual shoe-in for president when the elections come around.  She has been speaking sensibly for years about this problem of France qua “refuge for terrorists”.


France is not over the failure in Syria.  Even though French members of Parliament are seeking the friendship of Dr. Assad, the Parisian policy of unseating the legitimate president of a member state of the U.N.,  with all the echoes of international illegalisms, remains the purpose of Hollande and his coterie of sycophants.   As long as he desperately needs Saudi money to keep his failing economy afloat, he will not resist the repugnant Saudi idee fixe of overthrowing Dr. Assad’s government.   This is why Hollande has become a gangster.  He, as I wrote 2 years ago, was complicit in the assassination of Sakine Cansiz in Paris.  He personally had knowledge that Abdullah Ocalan, the PKK’s imprisoned leader,  wanted her silenced before she made her trip to Germany where it was expected she was going to reveal what she knew about the defalcations of the PKK under Ocalan’s leadership.  She was also going to pull the veil off what Ocalan was negotiating with Hakan Fidan, the head of Turkey’s all-seeing Gestapo.   When Hollande was contacted about this matter, he gave the okay for the hit on French soil.  To this date, investigation into Cansiz’s murder has been half-hearted and has bore little fruit.

Hollande is desperate to prove his credentials as a war-time leader.  Don’t pooh-pooh those who believe Hollande knew about this operation which resulted in 129 victims.  He knew about the clergymen who regularly preached hatred and jihad in his own country with the financial aid of the Saudi Arabian mass murderers.  The French had an S-list which contained the names of over 10,000 individuals suspected of sympathizing with international terrorism, yet, did nothing to interdict their movements and operations.  The mastermind of the attack on Friday, a Moroccan by the name of ‘Abdul-Hamid `Abaa-‘oud, boasted that he had slinked through Europe without a hitch, sniggering at the security organizations there, snorting at their incompetence.  But what that dung beetle was not telling you was that the French government was in cahoots with the Saudis to permit precisely that kind of maneuvering. `Abaa-‘oud and his cohorts were a protected species which could not be touched lest Hollande rile the Saudis.


Abdelhamid Abaaoud: the suspected mastermind in Paris attacks

The Moroccan “mindermast” who masterminded the Friday, November 13, 2015, attacks in Paris is seen here snickering at Gallic incompetence.  He may have had no idea he was operating with the full cooperation of Hollande’s government.


The French president is now in the cross-hairs.  How much did he know about the activities of Islamist militants in his own country?  He clearly has been a willing participant in the carnage across Syria.  His agents were running operations in Northern Lebanon with the extremists as of 2012 when NATO made the decision to extend help to the doomed insurrection against the legitimate government of Syria.  France was as neck-deep in the plot to overthrow the Damascus government as Turkey or Saudi Arabia or, certainly, Qatar, for that matter.  So why is it so hard to comprehend how the massacre of last Friday took place?

This whole mess is centered around the belief, early on, that President Assad would fall quickly after the start of the Der’ah “revolution”.  When that did not happen, the NATO countries, complicit in this scheme,  found themselves stuck in an operation which engendered the same dangers which they hoped would be foisted only on Syria.  But the stench came back to their own sewers eventually and now they have to deal with that problem – with all the perils inherent in treating with confirmed sociopathic murderers like the terrorist pictured herein-above.  The terrorism enablers found that the black magic had careened back to the sorcerer.

All this begs this question which the French people must as themselves:  Was the attack of November 13, 2015 terrorism?  Or was it state-sponsored terrorism?  Maybe Hollande has an answer.   Ziad Abu Fadel.
















(From Nikola Proevski)







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