LATAKIA:  In the aftermath of the Turk shoot-down of a Russian warplane flying in Syrian airspace, the SAAF and its allies have delivered shocking body-blows to the Alqaeda terrorists and their leadership during the last 24 hours.  I will be revealing data today about why Turkey fired on the Su24 aircraft – data which will amaze you.


These towns have now been completely liberated by the SAA and PDC as of 16 hours ago:  Al-Markashliyya, Kitf Al-Ghidr, Al-Mallooha, Al-Shaykh Muhammad Hill northeast of Kitf Al-Ghidr,  Elevation 1281, Boor ‘Abdullah, Kitf Al-Hareeq, Hills 5 and 6 northwest of Jubb Al-Ahmar, Kitf Al-Safh, Elevations 1154 and 1155 south of Kubaana.  Intercepted communications demonstrate clearly that 90% of the dead rats were foreigners, mostly Turkmens and Chechens.


These areas were pounded into dust by the SAAF acting on orders to do exactly that because there were no civilians living there any longer.  The areas mentioned became headquarters for the Al-Qaeda rodents coming out of Turkish Occupied Syria (Hatay).  These are now totally liberated:

Al-Murooj Village:  Completely rat-free.  It was here that the Englishman LUCAS KENNY was killed and his miserable limey soul sent straight to Hell.  He was known as “Abu Baseer Al-Breetaani”.  Also killed here was Saalih Nammoora who belonged to an ally of Alqaeda, “Al-Firqa Al-Saahiliyya Al-Uwlaa” (Trans:  The First Coastal Division”, yawn.)


Aerial photo taken of the dead LUCAS KENNY as he lay dying.  Our condolences to his stinking mother who bore this imbecile and our contempt for the medical doctor who delivered him.  


These villages and towns have now been deloused by the SAAF which pulverized fortifications built by the Nusra/Alqaeda rodents and which delivered death and destruction to their rat homes.  We can confirm the annihilation of 16 pickups with 23mm cannons as seen by pilots assessing the effectiveness of our air force:

Bint Ahmad Mountain, Al-Qurayha Mountain, Jawrat Al-Mayy, Bayt Ma’roof, Bayt Najeeb Bishaara, Kitf Al-Ghanama Town, Al-Rashwaan, Al-Muraana (Alqaeda HQ and C&C), Kubaana (Alqaeda HQ and C&C), ‘Ayn Zuwayqaat (Alqaeda HQ), Abu Dahdooh Mountain, Ruwaysat Ya’qoobu.



Tony Cartalucci discusses the recent uptick in tension over Turkey’s ill-advised shooting down of a Russian warplane which was killing rats in Syria:

Long and intelligent commentary by Brandon Turbeville about the Turk role in the evolution of ISIS, inter alia.  I just wish Brandon would stop using the word “regime” when referring to our government in Damascus:

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