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The Failure of The US and its mercenary jackals in Syria—

My Salute to the Heroic Syrian Soldiers who refused to surrender the Kweires Airbase.  You Won!

Yesterday, the 10th of November, 2015 will define the first phase of the fall of US hegemony on the global stage.

The Syrian airbase called ‘Kweires’ has now become etched into the memories of the Syrian people.  All people in all nations that sustain over long spaces of historical reality require what is called ‘mythos’, and Kweires has now a meaning in the story that Syrian’s tell about themselves.

This victory is now part of the deep psychological history that has meshed with what it means to be a “Syrian”, and Kweires will sustain the Syrian armed forces and its allies toward completing the mission—the total eradication of hostile terror groups who are proxies for the most powerful empire that has ever existed in human history.

I also contend that the profundity of the defeat of US supported jackals in Kweires marks the exact date, November 10th, 2015, that the US starts its fall as an undisputed global empire.

As a citizen of the US, some of my fellows will consider my glee at the defeat of the US in Syria as traitorous.  But I recognize that the US has really defeated itself.  A core deep belief that has guided the rise of the US has been the vile idea that ‘might makes right’—that ‘justice’ is inevitably what the strongest says to be the case.  Also, an offshoot of this belief is the notion that we humans are, in our very essence, purely evil.

With this deep-structure belief as a guide and constraint of the imagination, the collective world-view—everything that the US engages is diseased and ugly.  Nothing developed from these foundational ideas of ‘reality’ can sustain healthy culture or, more profoundly, life on this Earth.

The US, as we can see with Syria, is holding huge swaths of the human population as hostage.  God willing Russia and its allies can make wise decisions, convince the egomaniacal and deluded empire to drop the knife.    If not handled intelligently we can experience massive nuclear death.

(No, this is no type of hyperbole or crass exaggeration—these are the essential stakes in this drama.)

All healthy human society and the foundation of civilized organization and culture requires heroes who remind us of our capacity and worth—and the story about how these besieged Syrian soldiers held onto and won Kweires is food for our common human survival.

The Syrian armed forces on November 10th shattered the Islamic State’s over three year siege on this military facility.

Incredibly and honorably, over two hundred, mostly young, Syrian army patriots fought off attacks from all sides—again, for over THREE YEARS!  Helicopters had to intermittently deliver ammunition, weapons, and supplies.  These soldiers represent the undaunted will and solidarity of the Syrian people in what has incorrectly and cynically been called a ‘civil war’.

At many junctures it seemed that all would soon be lost, that the forces of US jackal imperialism and its savage Gulf State fiefdoms (especially, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) would destroy the Syrian fighters that have been under intense attack.  However, these heroic Syrian patriots understood something that is fundamental:  if they lost Kweires, all those they loved, family and friends, would be butchered, tortured, enslaved and raped.

There are instances in war where there are defined forces of ‘good’ and ‘evil’.

As a US citizen, I became aware of what has been happening in Syria because of a chance meeting with a Syrian family that had the means to flee Damascus.  These people were fortunate enough to have connections and a bit of economic resources.  Being a curious type, I inquired into their view of what has been happening in Syria.

I learned that everything almost all media inside the US has been narrating about the war in Syria has been built on a shaky edifice of gross distortion and outright lies.  This Syrian family totally supports the government of Syria and its courageous leader, President Assad.  Digging deeper, I discovered information about the diverse groups of Christian and other religious groups in Syria.

Almost everything I listen to or read about what is happening in the war on Syria is infused with false assumptions and deadly distortions.  By hiding more nuanced and honest discussion and description of what is happening in Syria, the US media has been, not just derelict, but complicit in fomenting terrorist violence and murder of innocent and noble fellow human beings.  The level of deluded and psychotic cynicism is painful to reflect and comment upon.  Truth does hurt—but hurt is an experience necessary to healing.

Definitely not without problems, Syria is a multi-religious state that has a system where democratic traditions are a foundation of the configuration of the state apparatus.  The huge majority of the Syrian army is Sunni, as is the majority of the high-level positions inside the government.

What I became amazed and angered by as I engaged my research is the promulgation of distortion and misinformation that exists among the segment of ‘left-progressive’ media and well-known writers and commentators in this sector of the US intelligentsia.

A goal of the US corporate/state propaganda apparatus, when it comes to the war in Syria,  is to render the segment most likely to protest in the streets and active toward changing the United State’s demented strategy to destroy the legitimate government of Syria is simple:  generate disparate, disjointed, information and lies that function to completely confuse the population.  Repeating huge lies about President Assad, developing a caricature of this leader as a complete monster—developing a narrative about oppressed normal citizens simply wanting to be free of the “monster” Assad and his dictatorial government, etc.   We have been here before, with Iraq and Libya most recently.  When the government has coerced and bribed the ‘progressive-left’ into repeating grand lies and remaining mostly silent about the US role in promoting terror to overthrow the Syrian government, it can get away with almost anything—like supporting both ISIS and Al Qaeda-affiliated mercenary jihadist death squadrons all across Syria.

I will be developing a narrative that traces the history of the US propaganda war against its own public in future essays.  This is an ugly and depressing story, and it requires all of us to look into the mirror, assess what we have become as a people, and what we can imagine ourselves to be.

But today, I focus on the heroes of the Syrian people, the valiant and long-suffering soldiers who endured years of savage attack to defend and win Kweires.  Bravo!  Long live the Syrian people!

Tomorrow all Aleppo!

Steven Hunt lives in the city of Orlando in Central Florida, USA.


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