If you ever want to have a look at the quintessence of imbecility and you’ve the stomach for it, you gotta get a look at the mating of Obama the buzzard and Hollande the Parakeet.  I actually listened to their gut-splitting press conference today classifying it as one of politics’ most entertaining examples of slapstick, leger de main and frivolity.  And wow, didn’t Obama put on the schmaltz?  France was our first ally. Yawn. He didn’t dare say “our ally in the war against the evil British”.  France “shared a common belief in democracy, freedom and the pursuit of happiness”.  Double-yawn.  I don’t know what that really means unless Obama is referring to the American penchant for overseas campaigns of mass murder, carnage, mayhem and pure oppression – not to mention a near-obsessive fixation on bigotry at home and how to enlarge it.   It was just great watching both these poltroons bang the drums of war when neither one had ever served a day even in the Boy Scouts.

Obama seemed detached somehow.  He committed himself to nothing, thus, promising another year of temporizing and prosecuting the one doctrine he has inaugurated and for which your editor must take full credit for identifying:  “The Obama Doctrine”.  All it means is you let others do the fighting for you so that when the result is catastrophic, you can always lay blame on the proxies.  (If they are victorious, you can always do the “aw shucks” thing)  Like the Teflon Don, the late great mafioso and thug, John Gotti, Obama makes sure to have his coat sprayed with Pam or slathered with axle grease before he ever leaves his sinecure at the White House, and ergo, nothing sticks to him except the flies from Satan’s own hive of vermin.

Hollande was passionate in the way actors exude passion.  This atheist father of 4 bastard children none of whom he ever cared to legitimize, he perorated in ordinary French as the world sat on the edge of its seat to hear each and every utterance fall flat like bad jokes.  He heaped praise upon his fellow poll-suffering ally, Obama, and stressed the strong ties between the two great republics.  Obama’s numbers are well-known – he is viewed by most Americans as a real drip.  But, you haven’t seen anything until you read Hollande’s approval ratings.  As of this day, according to Le Figaro’s poll, Hollande just broke the 20% approval mark making him, as I’ve said before, the least popular leader of France since Adolph Hitler.  And, in November 2014, his ratings were down at 12% according to YouGov, making him the best candidate for remarks such as:  “He has no place in the future of France”, “he is illegitimate”, “he must step aside”, and on and on, ad nauseam. 

The whole skit was about the Friday the 13th terrorist attack on Parisian cafes, bistros, stadiums and night clubs, all symbols of Gallic excesses and profligacy. Even though the perpetrators were born in Europe, of North African descent, the focus was on how to punish ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  There was no discussion by these so-called world leaders about international law:  how do you bomb Syria from the air without the permission of the government in Damascus?  It wasn’t even mentioned.   After all, these are the leaders of the civilized world brought together to fight a barbaric alliance of murderers, cannibals, child molesters and misogynistic blackguards created by the leaders of the civilized world.  What could be better for an idiot’s syllogism?

Obama bewailed Russia’s actions claiming they were not directed at ISIS.  No. No. Only he and his “sixty” something allies were fighting ISIS, which he calls ISIL or Dash (sic).  I kid you not.  His pronunciation of French words had me reeling.  He sounded like an American tourist from Arkansas trying to pronounce the items on a French menu in Lyons.  It was pure shamelessness.  He derided President Putin for trying to prop up the Assad government even though that government had a seat at the U.N. and Mr. Putin was actually invited by that government to intervene on the side of the sovereign nation of Syria.  Obama was never invited.  Nor was Hollande.  Nobody invited the entire West.  The whole Western involvement in Syria is a violation of the U.N. Charter and international treaties.  Hey, but what the heck?  Obama, the rat from the cesspools of Chicago, can do whatever he pleases.  He is, after all, the leader of the “free world”.  Right?

Hollande has sent his one aircraft carrier toward the Syrian littoral.  It is the aptly-name Charles DeGaulle.  It carries about 20 aircraft all of which are scheduled to do battle with ISIS in the east of Syria, barring Syria’s deployment of its Yakhont ground-to-see missiles.  Cameron, in England, a fellow sociopath like Hollande, who too, never served in any military, is beside himself, like a little scamp tugging at his mother’s apron entreating her to let him join his best friends on some trip to the country – in this case, Syria.  We’ll have to see how the British Parliament looks at this weasel’s dreams of glory.  Let’s see if they will, also, share his Kriegtraum in Syrien. 

The shadow of the Turkish downing of Russia’s Sukhoi 24 bomber was cast lugubriously over the sad proceedings with Obama’s face disclosing in subtle twitches and tongue-twisting gaffes the range of emotions going through him:  would he miss his next golf vacation because of that blundering Turk ape Erdoghan?  Are we going to have WWIII in 3D, up close and personal?  Gee, I can’t tell.  I know Obama fantasizes about all the honorariums he’s going to collect once we are done with him, but, can he enjoy the same future while interred in an underground military facility waiting for the cobalt radiation to fade away? Does Vlad also entertain such fantasies?  Should the U.S. come to the aid of Erdoghan if the Russian Bear decides to eat all of Turkey on this most happy of American holidays.

All I can say is this:  American foreign policy, just like its allies, is a laughing matter.  Like an Ealing Comedy, it is built up on the blackest of premises with a starring cast of the best comedians a low-budget production can afford.  Ziad A. Fadel      



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