قتلى وجرحى اثر هجوم للطيران السوري على أوكار المسلحين

ALEPPO:  The annihilation of the terrorist positions around the Kuwayris Air Base has begun.  The siege may be over sooner than later.  It appears many of the terrorist rodents are being called out of their positions to reinforce other sites deemed more valuable by ISIS.  In addition to this, there appears to be even more cooperation today between Nusra/Alqaeda and ISIS with the Turks and British playing a key role in coordinating their movements and providing them logistical information equally.


Al-Saabiqiyya Town:  The Syrian Army and Popular Defense Committees (NDF) have thwarted a large-scale attack on this key town starting the day before yesterday into last evening.  The attack was a coordinated one between the Jaysh Al-Muhaajireen and Jaysh Al-Fath.  According to our sources and those from other new outlets,  the losses to the terrorist attackers were very substantial.  Here are the names of identified dead Syrians after a field assessment:

‘Abdul-Kareem Kareem (Commander of Jaysh Al-Muhaajireen, a branch of Alqaeda)

Abu Ayyoob (Id pending. Another commander of Jaysh Al-Muhaajireen)

Akram Abu-Suwaylim

Nuhaad Karamaan

‘Aassi Madfoon (Buried and done away with)

Muhyi-Al-Deen Kharmash

Raatib Idrees

‘Abdul-Sattaar Rahma

Qays Al-Jundi

Hishaam Muhammad Faahoom

Muhammad Rustum

Taariq ‘Abdullah

Salaahudeen ‘Abbood

Saamir Makhmalji

Mukhliss Nassr

Mahmoud Sursuq

Waheed ‘Atwa

Mahmoud Hamdoon

Haydar Al-Jaamoos

Maahir ‘Abdul-Salaam

The other 30+ carcasses were those of mostly Turks.

مقتل 3 من متزعمي حركة

This photo is of Abu-Islaam Al-Hamawi, a leader and field commander of Ahraar Al-Shaam after he was rudely interrupted while molesting little Syrian boys near Al-Saabiqiyya.   Along with this rat, these also were killed:

Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Rusaafi (Leader of Al-Muhaajireen Brigade. POSSIBLY IRAQI SWINE FLU VIRUS)

‘Abdul-Baasit Abu-Mahmoud (A leader of Liwaa` Al-Hijra `Ilaa Allaah, nyuk.  It’s a branch of Ahraar Al-Shaam)

Muhammad Turk Salaama

‘Abdul-Lateef Muhammad Al-Hamawiyya


The SAA and SAAF have been active in disrupting the movements of these rodents.  Yesterday, these areas infested by ISIS were targeted and damaged thoroughly:

Rasm Al-‘Abbood



Abu Dhanna

Tal Istabl

Tal Faa’oori


Al-Shaykh Ahmad

Al-Baab City


الجيش يستعيد بلدات جنوب مدينة الحاضر في ريف حلب


These towns and villages have been totally deloused by the SAA and PDC:




‘Azeeziyyat Sam’aan


Tal Mimmu


Khalsa Vlllage:  The SAA savaged the Nusra freaks here and killed 6 wounding another score.  No other details.


Quraassi Village:  More Nusra/Alqaeda hyenas bite the dust after losing their prize Toyota pickup with 23mm cannon.


Al-Layramoon:  16 confirmed rat deaths in heavy clean-up by the SAA and PDC.


Al-Ashrafiyya:  Very heavy clashes with Nusra here.  Almost all dead rats were Turks.

Faysal Shareef (MIlitary commander of Nusra.  A/k/a ‘Abu ‘Umar Al-Ansaari)




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