Apologies to my readers.  I told you I would not publish until Sunday, November 22, 2015, because I was going to be hunting for deer from Friday until Sunday morning.  As it turned out, on Sunday, when I arrived at the office to prepare my report for you, I had a long interview over Skype with Monk Radio.  I will post the link when it is sent to me by our friend, Paul.  On Monday, there was a power outage here which lasted until this Tuesday morning.  I am now back on line.


ALEPPO:  The situation has turned around completely in the north.  It has become so dire for the terrorist rodents that Turkey has now begun opening up its guns at Russian warplanes flying in Syrian airspace.  Moreover, that Turk-rat child molester, Khaalid Al-Khojaa, the so-called leader of the non-existent NACOSROF, based in Istanbul, has called on Nusra/Alqaeda to sever its ties to Al-Qaeda and join the “revolutionaries”.  What a pathetic joke.  Watch the developments carefully with talk now about a severing of relations between Turkey and Russia.  There is also an emergency meeting of NATO today to discuss the downing of a Russian Air Force Sukhoi 24 bomber flown by 2 pilots who managed to eject from their plane although one of whom was murdered by the rat Turkomen terrorists.


Khaan Toomaan:  I can confirm the total liberation of this town this morning as the SAA, HZB, PDC with the participation of the Russian Air Force poured into it after having eradicated all fortifications.  Khan Toomaan is a town sitting on a major axis crucial to the progress of the SAA in the southwest of the northern capital.  On Sunday,  truck loaded with ammunition was vaporized whilst a pickup with a 23mm cannon was picked off by SAA anti-tank gunners.  The rodents belonged to the Jaysh Al-Mujaahideen group which lost 29 rodents on that Sunday and then withdrew completely from the battle leaving Nusra-types alone to face the fury of the Syrian Army and HZB advance.

On Tuesday morning, after killing over 100 rodents, and wounding hundreds more, the SAA and its allies broke the back of the rodent defenses and began purifying the area by killing every rat it could find.  Foreign rodents were not spared at all.  According to our sources the orders were to exterminate them.  The groups which were wiped out to a rat were the Alqaeda groups, Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam and Harakat Noureddeen Zangi, all of whom are financially supported by the monkeys of Arabia and the skunks of Erdoghan’s Turk regime.  We can confirm also the destruction this morning of 3 armored vehicles, 3 pickups with 23mm cannons and a warehouse loaded with newly arrived munitions.


Abu Ra`eel Village:  On Saturday, the SAA struck a lethal blow against Turk-supported imbeciles here wiping out a truck with a guided missile fired by SAAF bombers and a pickup with 23mm cannon just south of the Jabal Al-Arba’een area.  Hundreds of families have begun returning to their homes.  Of the 63 rodents killed or wounded here, we have some of the names of the Syrian traitors who were killed:

Deeb Hooraani

‘Abdul-Malik Al-Nijm

Muhammad Taahir Al-‘Aroos

Mabrook Qaassim Al-‘Ali

Haarith ‘Ittu

Hameed Fahmi



الجيش العراقي


Burj Al-Rummaan:  Liberated on Saturday by the SAA killing 18 vermin.  Families who fled the town are being invited back by the SAA.


Bani Zayd:  In the Aleppo City area.  The SAA and PDC scored a hit by killing an estimated 11 rats and wounding scores.



The SAAF and RuAF were very active here this morning: Shammar Village, Al-Baab, and in the eastern part of Aleppo bombing ISIS positions at Rasm, Al-‘Abed, Dayr Haafir, Najaara.   


Note:  Expect the SAA to begin the assault on the terrorist-occupied Al-Jarraah AB over the next few days.



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