You can find it everywhere.  The evidence is startling.  Western news media are taking their cues again from the CIA, MI6 and the BND; all are being told to hold fast to old positions.  The Russians are attacking civilians.  The Russians are hitting “moderate” and “Western supported rebels”.  “The Russians are targeting the enemies of Assad.”  It’s all the same old boring screenplays cobbled together from used up scripts in Ukraine and Crimea.  But, the good news is that the public all over the world is not buying into the narrative.  With Vlad’s startling performance at the U.N. and Obama’s lackluster delivery,  the world is now aware that American foreign policy is a sham – even more a sham than that of Britain, France or Germany.  British members of parliament are starting to give signs of revolt within Cameron’s party and Corbyn is, evidently, gaining more prominence as the population of the U.K. has begun to realize their prime minister works for foreign governments and not for the people.

Russian and Iranian coordination with Syria’s government is a matter of record.  Russia did not impose herself on Syria.   The legitimate Syrian government requested help formally and the Russian Duma approved Moscow’s participation in the eradication of ISIS.  We have discussed in other essays here the reasons for Russia’s involvement and why it is necessary.  Unlike the United States, whose deplorable record of mass murder from Vietnam to Iraq,  has made its diplomatic pronouncements of peacefulness and adherence to law a running gag,  Russia has sought a legalistic entrance into the Syrian war recognizing the significance of a government, which sits at the U.N.,  asking for its intervention.  The plan is for Russia to extend this assistance for a period now predicted to last for about five months.

Already, Russia’s aerial bombardment of ISIS and Alqaeda has paid dividends with over 23 sorties documented so far extending from Aleppo all the way to Palmyra.  The U.S. is absolutely flummoxed.  How can they maintain a strategy of balancing the forces against one another with ISIS sitting at the crossroads between Syria and Iraq (where the Iranian natural gas pipeline was to traverse) when Russia is scrapping the entire plan by decimating ISIS?  The neo-con plan is now a complete disaster.  ISIS will be exterminated and that’s the real plan now.

At Hama, a senior armored unit commander, Col. Bassaam Ahmad Mayroob, has announced the formation of a massive SAA force under the cover of the Russian air umbrella which will eradicate all remnant rodents interdicting travel between Hama and Homs.    While saying this, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard – Quds Force is sending thousands of troops into the battle in total coordination with the Russian Federation military high command.  These forces from Iran, the ground forces that will buttress the power of the SAA, will also find themselves shoulder to shoulder with Hizbollah as the potent army in the coastal mountains starts to take shape for the upcoming liberation of Jisr Al-Shughoor and the burning alive of Abdullah Al-Muhaysini.

In Aleppo, 2 Syrian Army units destroyed 2 convoys of weapons coming out of Turkey through the critical arterial town of Al-Baab.  The Syrian Army struck hard between Ma’sarat Al-Khaan Village and Al-Madyoona Village.  The army strikes were directed away from populated areas giving the lie to some Soros-based propagandists acting out a fantasy about humanitarianism.  Soros! You stinking pervert!  The jig is up.  Your efforts to affect the military policies of the West have failed miserably.  Russia has nullified your plans – Mileikowski’s plans – and Obama’s plans.  It’s over.  Get over it.



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