DAMASCUS:  Once again, our president is obligated to observe the protocols of chivalry and finesse, in both personal life and in the diplomatic.  Having already bid fond farewells to all those who have called for his violent ouster, he is now compelled once again to extend those courtesies to the former Zionist-pig prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.  Dr. Assad has waved off Hillary Clinton, Jose Zapatero, Guido Westerwelle, William Hague, Nicolas Sarkozy, Sergio Berlusconi, Robert Ford, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Prince Hamad bin Jassem, Prince Hamad husband of Madame Banana, Madame Banana herself, and so many others who, frankly, deserved to be dragged before an international court to answer indictments for war crimes against the people of Syria.

And so, with a sigh of relief, we join the good doctor in Damascus in bidding a good bye, an adieu, a bien tot, Khodaa Haafez, Ma’a Al-Salaama, Aufwiedersehen, arrivederci, hasta luego, hasta la vista, sayonara, Dos Svedanya, Ja-jinn, Dovejenya, Valvedere and a rousing Salve Tibi, grrrr, you swine! (Browning) to Mr. Stephen Harper.  We only hope, Justin Trudeau, will steer clear of calling for the removal of a leader whose emissary has a seat at the United Nations.


That’s right you Zionist factotum – bag man for the boys in Tel Aviv – bow your head in shame.  You have brought misery and embarrassment to the fine people of the Great White North.  Maybe there is still a future for you picking bear skat on Elsmere Island.

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