طائرات روسية

DAMASCUS:  Two weeks ago, joint Syrian/Russian/HZB intelligence services coupled with decisive satellite Intel saw an unusually large buildup of Jaysh Al-Islam rats at Dhaahiyat Al-Assad and Jawbar.  The intelligence was quickly analyzed and compared with other data acquired from surveillance of the MOK HQ in Hashemite Jordan where Saudi-Jordanian-Zionist officers were planning the frontal assault on Damascus in response to Russia’s intrusion into the conflict on the side of the Syrian government.  The plan was to strike at the capital through Der’ah and Qunaytra under cover of Saudi and Jordanian aircraft.

The Syrian government quickly made it known to the Russians that the new technology provided by Moscow to Syria would be used to down all intruding aircraft.  This would mean deployment, for the first time, of the S-300 anti-aircraft system which Moscow wanted to keep secret until it was absolutely necessary.  The disclosure of technology is of immense importance in order to foster the element of surprise in any theater conflict.  The Russian high command dissuaded the Syrians from doing this, i.e. turning on the system so it could be analyzed by the Zionists, and assured the Syrian government the Sukhoi bombers in the north would switch priorities to defeat the Saudi plan in the South.  That is exactly what happened.

Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the Deputy Heir Apparent to the throne of the monkey kingdom of Saudi Arabia had a bout of bad taste in his mouth after being rebuffed by President Vladimir Putin on two successive occasions, the first in Moscow and the second at Socchi.  In both meetings, Muhammad, who acts as Defense Minister of KSA, and who has zero experience in military science, offered Vlad 300 million dollars and a vast project of expansion for his country if he would do 2 things: the first was to help Saudi Arabia by convincing Iran to stop aiding the Houthis in Yemen; and the second was to lay off the plan to unseat the Syrian president.  He promised Vlad the world.

In Muhammad’s mind (which he really doesn’t have) is the problem of constant defeat for his miserable army of inept conscripts, Sudanese mercenaries and assorted riff-raff from Africa and Asia.  Add to that the air force which is mostly populated by retired Egyptian, Jordanian and Pakistani pilots whose sole interest in any conflict ignited by the Arabians is the fat check which awaits them every week.  As a precaution, Ziad has learned that the Saudi regime insists on dismantling all ejection seats in aircraft flown by these pilots-for-hire.

Duh. The typical Saudi smile engenders suspicions about the mental stability of the one who sports it.  Muhammad bin Salman, 29 years old, is now directing the “armed forces” of his Planet of the Apes kingdom.  He has never studied anything to do with the military and is viewed by the rest of the Saudi apes as something of a doofus – an adolescent – a sheepherd, at best.    


When Muhammad returned home, he reportedly sobbed on his mother’s skirt, telling her what a “big, bad evil man Vlad was.”  She reassured him and prompted him to punish the Russian president by doing something bad to Assad.  The plan related to our readers herein-above was Muhammad’s idea.  And like all of Muhammad’s ideas, it is now nestled comfortably in the main sewer of history.

The Russians started bombarding areas of high concentration at Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer and Doumaa where the rats were being gathered for transfer to those areas deemed appropriate for the launching of the operation.  But, alas and alack, ‘Alloosh’s aides realized that the element of surprise was no longer available and their now-depleted forces were about to become even more depleted as the Russian Air Force ferociously laid into them using every kind of bomb in the arsenal.  The SAA was also highly active using new thermobarics on areas without civilian population killing scores of screaming terrorist hyenas.   It was a disaster.

In the meantime, Saudi Arabia, not known for its ability to finesse anything, for want of finesse, has been referring to the Russian intervention in terms calculated to get everybody’s dander up.  Note how Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu) just embarrassed himself by linking the Palestinian leader, Al-Haaj Ameen Al-Husayni, to the Nazi genocide of the Jews (as though the Nazis only killed Jews), and how the Saudis are now calling the Russians Crusaders.  (Tee, hee hee).  It’s embarrassing because Russians are Eastern Orthodox, a church which has no love for the largely Catholic Crusaders who entered the glorious city of Byzantium when it was under the rule of Emperor Alexius Comnenus, defiling it and destroying what they could.  Nobody cares.  Frankly, the Syrians I know are delighted that Russia is now a part of the team.  Nobody cares about the ranting and ravings of the Saudis.  It’s just the sound of monkeys at the zoo.


IDLIB/HAMA:  The assault on Jisr Al-Shughoor began 2 weeks ago, as I reported.  There is a news blackout accompanying this event.  Reporters are not being allowed to observe the battle for reasons having to do with secrecy and security.  The SAA’s 4th Army, the 4th Mechanize Armored Division and all allied forces, including Hizbollah, are at the gates of the city.  I can tell you no more than that. The fighting is extremely intense; possibly the most intense of the entire conflict.  Syrian and Russian aircraft dominate the skies over Jisr Al-Shughoor, the Zaawiya Mountains overlooking the Waadi Al-Ghaab, and the northeast corner of Latakia abutting the borders of Turk-Occupied Syria.  It is all a coordinated assault.  I have promised you the head of ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini – it will be served up, well done, in a Styrofoam plate.

Ma’raana Village:  A superbly-planned operation in the Zaawiya area resulted in the destruction of 10 vehicles and the confirmed deaths of 58 rodents belonging to Jaysh Al-Fath.  My source tells me the wounded are in the hundreds as can be seen by the large number of cars and vans which rushed to stuff all screeching rodents into trunks in order to get them quickly to witch doctors and other quacks, barbers and the like, before they expire and take the Silver Streak to Hell.  Of the dead, 3 were Turks; there were 2 leaders belonging to Jabhat Al-Nusra/Alqaeda and Jund Al-Aqsaa.  May they rot in Hell.

During the last 4 days, the Jund Al-Aqsaa gang has lost over 200 of its favorite rodents in the Al-Lataamina area alone.  Most of these were killed by the Syrian and Russian air forces.  There are only the names of 2 dead leaders available:

Muhammad Al-Saalim (Leader of Jund Al-Aqsaa)

Muhammad Al-Raashid (A/k/a “Abu Al-‘Utur) 


Sinjaar:  In the rural southeast of Idlib, 7 rats in 2 cars were set ablaze by the SAA:

Ameer Saadiq ‘Aashoor

The rest were all burned to a crisp and could not be identified.


Al-Tamaani’ah:  A nest of vermin was disrupted rudely by our SAA.  13 were killed.

Radhwaan Nasri

Khaalid Muhammad

‘Umraan Bassoos

The rest were all foreigners, mostly Chechens.


Kafr-Neel Village:  West of Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan.  Jaysh Al-Fath got a drubbing here with 8 killed and 13 wounded:

Mukhtaar Al-Badawi

Haatim Al-Daa’oosh

‘Abdul-Haleem Zurqut


Al-Lataamina:  Al-Ittihaad Al-Islami Li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam lost a leader 2 days ago to the SAA:

Akram ‘Ali Al-Mahmoud  


Al-Habeet:  Just in, 5 rodents killed by SAA artillery.


Between Al-Lataamina and Ma’arkubba Village:  The Jaysh Al-Islam of ‘Alloosh lost 16 rodents in one fell swoop.  Russia gets credit for this one.


Al-Raheel Farms in Umm Khadeej near Al-Salamiyya:  On the 22nd of October, 2015, the RuAF and the SAAF swept down on a convoy belonging to ISIS and put it to fire.  23 vehicles were counted destroyed and a reported 45 rats were killed.


Tal Al-Firk Village:  2 pickups were destroyed along with their cannons and drivers.


HOMS:   A cell responsible for booby-trapping cars and placing IEDs has been broken up and its members arrested by security services:

حمص.. القبض على مجموعة إرهابية قاموا بوضع المتفجرات في المدينة

The terrorists captured were:

Bashshaar Kashshoof

Ziyaad Khaleel (Driver of booby-trapped cars)

Mataanus Yusuf

Rabee’ Al-Shiqqa

Saleem Al-‘Ammaar

‘Umar Mahmoud Al-Shamaali (Installed IEDs in taxi cabs)


URGENT:  THE TOWN OF AL-SUFAYRA SOUTHEAST OF ALEPPO CITY IS FIRMLY IN THE HANDS OF THE SAA.  THE LIES BEING SPREAD BY THE BRITISH-BASED PROPAGANDISTS AND THE ARABIAN DISINFORMATION AGENCIES HAVE BEEN EXPOSED.  THE ISIS ATTACK FAILED MISERABLY.  They tried to infiltrate to Umm Al-Janaayin and the surrounding farms.  They failed miserably.  The SAA has confirmed destroying whole convoys of trucks, pickups and vans.



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