The Syrian military seen here bombing the daylights out of terrorist rats in the Waadi Al-Ghaab (SANA – Wartime Coverage):



Atshaan Village:  In Arabic, ‘Atshaan means “thirsty”.  And this village was dying of thirst until the Syrian Army liberated it yesterday with citizens coming out of their shelters to express pure jubilation at riddance from the stinking terrorist vermin funded by the even-smellier Arabians.


الطائرات الروسية تنفذ 22 غارة استهدف فيها 27 موقعا للإرهابيين بسورية

Al-Sirmaaniyya: Just liberated by the Syrian Army.

Al-Tamaani’ah is about to fall to the SAA as the artillery brigades pour down a continuing wall of fire on Al-Qaeda’s/Nusra’s fixed positions, which, by the by, are also being pummeled from the air by both the SAAF and RuAF.  As of this morning, we can confirm a crisis amid the ranks of the terrorists as their communications tell a story of medical deprivation with field commanders imploring their superiors in Turkey and Idlib City to “do something”.  There are hundreds of wounded degenerates in the areas of Al-Tamaani’ah and Al-Sukayk villages.  A warehouse was hit by an SU-24 last night and vaporized along with 5 armored cars parked nearby and 3 pickups with 23mm cannons.  All went up in smoke as Russia unleashed all-weather, day-night, bombers with coordinates delivered by the SAA-MI folks.


Umm Haaratayn:  A confirmed 79 rodents were scorched last night by the SAA with the Russian AF flying helicopter missions targeting TOW missile launchers.  This is an obvious message that the frontal assault is starting very soon to finish off the remaining rodents.  The 4th Mechanized Armored Division is champing at the bit to start the campaign of liquidation.


مقتل 125 إرهابياً وتدمير قواعد صواريخ


Enjoy watching Hind helicopters flying real low to exterminate rats and their TOW launchers.  Thanks, Vasili:



Kafr Nabbooda:  We can confirm 30+ rodents killed or wounded when the SAA unleashed a remarkably accurate barrage of artillery striking a fortified Nusra/Alqaeda position.   Rat reports indicate the death of a field commander.


Russia’s Ministry of Defense has announced that the Air Force flew 29 missions during the last 24 hours hitting 25 training bases belonging to ISIS and 23 fortified positions.  Altogether, Russia flew 64 sorties in a span of only 24 hours wreaking havoc in the ranks of the American-supported terrorist rats.



Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum.  That’s what Penny thinks is happening between ISIS and the rest of the rotting meat in Aleppo:


Vasili sends this one showing U.S. weapons delivered to ISIS and discovered by the Iraqi military.  Penny should love this one:


Vasili shows us the new Buratinos sent to Syria for deployment.  I love watching rats burn:


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