جيش سوريا يستعيد عدة مبان بحلب بينها القصر العدلي

ALEPPO:  The West is abuzz with Zionist intimations of terrorist collapse due to the inaction of the European and North American white man – or – in this case – the Oreo Cookie in the White House.  The reports being delivered to the American Spook Agency in McLean, Virginia, must be sobering, to say the least.  After all, before September 30, 2015, when Russia was merely transporting its box of magic to Syria, everything seemed to be going just fine.  You see, as I’ve written, the U.S. wanted to pull all the strings insuring no side ever triumphed in what could have become an endless American War Crimes Playhouse production.  But, that’s not what’s happening now.  SyrPer has extremely reliable sources in Aleppo who maintain almost daily contact with us.  We know what is taking place in every corner and we know the news is being received with much trepidation, nay, horror in Washington D.C. where the Neo-Con “stink tanks” are getting their bogwash every morning.

Russia has not only turned the tide against the American-supported terrorist sociopaths, it has announced to the world a Neue Ordnung based on balance and established principles which the U.S. has, evidently, rejected in its efforts to bully the world into accepting its writ.  No longer.

The non-existent Free Syrian Army in Aleppo has announced it has received a resupply of American-made TOW anti-tank rockets.  This is according to the propaganda machine called Reuters, one tentacle of the Rothschild Death Syndicate.  But, these weapons will avail them not because the Syrian Army has assembled a force in Aleppo capable of spotting, surrounding and destroying any such weapons.  Add to that the new anti-anti-tank technology delivered by the Russian Federation to the SAA and you have a meaningless media-hype event hardly worth mentioning in the National Enquirer.  Aleppans, themselves, are deeply involved today in transmitting Intel to the SAA and the RuAF.  If a TOW appears, it’s going to be identified quickly and its operator arrested.  If he is a Saudi, he will be immolated in his own fat.

Today, the Syrian Army, to the utter consternation of the Zionist thugs in Washington D.C., began the efficient restoration of order to all the villages and towns we mentioned in detail yesterday.  The combing operation involves identifying IED and mines which the terrorists haphazardly planted everywhere they infested.  Our engineers are very well trained today in picking out those areas and safely defanging the lethal Saudi-provided explosives to recycle them into the Syrian Army arsenal. Some of the materiel will be smuggled into Yemen to help the Houthis to exterminate Saudi rat-monkeys, others will be reformulated into new weapons systems to be provided to the Popular Defense Committees.  The remaining explosives will be used to vaporize Saudi carcasses in order to spread their molecules around the fertile fields of rural Syria.

We can confirm with absolute preciosity that ISIS is struggling to hold on to its assets in northern Aleppo.  Reports coming in, and confirmed by Sputnik News, announce two exceptionally important phenomena:  the first is that ISIS leadership in northern Aleppo, made up of many Afghans, or rats dressed like Afghans and who smell like them (Eau de Cologne Pashtun), have started to arrive in the northern Iraqi capital of Al-Mawsil (Var: Mosul).  They are reportedly taking over the tonier quarters of the city with their equally itinerant brood of rodent scum.  The second phenomenon involves ISIS mass executions of their own foot soldiers who are trying desperately to join the so-called Fat Syrian Refugee Army invading Europe.  Those who are not willing to fight are shot on sight – and there are many – according to Lt. Maaher ‘Issa.  With ISIS killing itself and the “moderate rebels” (tee he he) supported by the Zionist-controlled U.S., the SAA and the Russian Air Force are finding themselves mostly foraging about destroying terrorist infrastructure.

بالفيديو..الجيش السوري يحكم السيطرة على حلفايا ومحيطها

The U.S. and Turkey cannot help except in facilitating weapons deliveries into Idlib and Aleppo.  Yet, neither the Americans nor the Turks are willing to trigger WWIII over this conflict.  With Erdoghan’s numbers slipping while rebellion and insurgency take a foothold in his country, he cannot but snort and grunt, like some prize hog at an Iowan State Fair – dismissing talk of Assad remaining in power, but, privately whimpering in the presence of that Teutonic termagant Merkel, when she tells him the refugee crisis is going to inundate Europe with more enervating crime than the sickness which brought about the fall of the Ottoman Empire.  She is offering him what she can: financial help in keeping the Syrians where they are in Turkey and some help in opening the doors to EU membership – and even a lifetime supply of halal Sauerbraten.

If some of you take what has been written in SyrPer from the day it started, you will know why the American-Zionist plan was doomed to fail.  It was only the reluctance of the Syrian leadership to bring in foreign boots which allowed this mess to continue for so long.

Prediction:  In an effort to vent spleen over its failures in Syria and Iraq, watch the American military concentrate on infrastructure like the Aleppo Power Station which the U.S.A.F. destroyed few days ago.  When it was learned the destruction was not complete, the US sent in more F-16s to finish the job. This is the essence of American foreign policy.  Brandon wrote about this:  (Thanks, Kevin Hester)




Al-Huwayqa Quarter (Var: Hawiqa):  A perfectly fired SS-26 missile struck a major “command-and-control” HQ for ISIS called “Tal Al-‘Arabaat” which contained a huge communications center loaded with Turk-supplied, American-manufactured, equipment and 18 vehicles including mostly Toyota pickups with Croatian-manufactured 23mm cannons.  The area is to the north, its demolition representing a new game-changing technology the rats have not seen yet, but, will see much more of in the near future.


Al-Husayniyya Town:  SAA artillery vectored perfectly by Russian satellite technology delivered the goods last night when cannon fire nebulized the base in which ISIS had been carrying out logistics for petroleum smuggling.  No more.


The Syrian Air Force, flying newly refurbished Sukhoi-24s armed with brand new Russian air-to-ground, laser-guided missiles wrought havoc in those areas infested by ISIS killing scores of rats and wounding even more.  These attacks took place at: Al-Muree’iyya, Muhaymeeda, Al-Junayna Village (pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed).


Tal Kuroom:  2 oil tanker trucks once used profitably to smuggle stolen oil to Turk middlemen were converted into modern art today by the SAAF.


East of the Air Base:  A motile C&C base with a 23mm cannon went up in smoke after a SAA cannon locked on to it.



Eric Draitser is on television discussing Syria, the U.S. and the “Deep State”:

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