The Golan Heights is Syrian

Anybody who watched Obama’s performance on 60 Minutes last night was probably impressed only by his ability to swallow shame in dollops of lies he tried to unload on (what he thinks is) an ovine American population devoid of the slightest talent for detecting baloney.  This proven murderer, killer of American citizens without even the most meager of legal fig leaves,  sat opposite Steve Kroft (a professional Zionist liar, thug and charlatan) on the 60 Minute program to expound broadly about Russia and Syria claiming speciously that it is Russia which is struggling and not his listing foreign policy tub adrift in the doldrums of the Sargasso Sea he created with his own ineptitude.  Oh, he blathered about barrel bombs, not even mentioning his own use of drones to slaughter innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen – not to mention his sanctioning assaults on Syrian public infrastructure just to insure the country was properly destroyed in order to placate the monkey-like wrath of the flailing, failing Arabian imbeciles.  I just think he’s afraid he’ll wind up being good-byed by Dr. Assad on Syrian Perspective when he leaves for his favorite cesspool in Chicago.


HAMA/IDLIB:   It appears the Nusra/Alqaeda rodents have departed the areas of Al-Faw’ah and Kafarayyaa, mostly Shi’I towns (with a smattering of Christians) which were besieged by the American-trained savages for months creating a serious humanitarian situation.  This news just came in to my office.  I can confirm that the rodents have left in order to “evaluate” the recent debacles suffered by their litter-mates all over Latakia and Hama.  We can also confirm the total withdrawal of all ISIS vermin from the Al-Salamiyya area as of September 28, 2015.  These are significant events proving the quality and character of the Russian intervention.


Syrian Perspective is confirming the liberation of all these areas since 48 hours ago: ‘Atshaan, Tallat ‘Atshaan, Tal Al-Aswad, Qubaybaat, Kafr Nabbooda, Tal-Al-Za’tar, Ma’arkibba, Umm Haaratayn, Sukayk, Tal Sukayk, Tal Al-Sakhr, Al-Bahsa. 



الجيش يفرض سيطرته على بلدتي عطشان وسكيك في ريف حماة الشمالي

Al-Tamaani’ah:  The SAA is now nestled in the southern periphery of this town where whole warehouses have been seized  by the SAA.  The warehouses were filled with newly-arrived Saudi weapons manufactured by the USA which includes TOW rocket launchers and rockets.  20 trucks were either destroyed, disabled or simply confiscated.   My source tells me 18 Alqaeda rodents were killed defending this area with 30+ taken prisoner.


Umm Haaratayn:  5 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed along with 3 TOW missile launchers.  No other details.


The Russian and Syrian Air Forces slammed terrorist bases and command-control centers here:  Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan, Saraaqib, Muhambal, Tal-Tar’iy, Haysh, East Al-Tamaani’ah, North Al-Tamaani’ah, West of Sukayk, South of Khaan Shaykhoon, Al-Lataamina, Al-Habeet.


The Syrian Army has now attacked Al-Fooroo from the area of Al-Bahsa.


‘Atshaan:  The Syrian Army has captured 21 rodents here after liberating the town 2 days ago.


Al-Sirmaaniyya:  This is a liberated town acting as the front base for the assault on Jisr Al-Shughoor.  With our troops in a commanding position over the Waadi Al-Ghaab from Jubb Al-Ahmar, it appears the move to burn ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini is about to begin.


الطائرات الروسية تنفذ 64 طلعة جوية وتدمر 53  موقعاً للإرهابيين في سورية

Nice scene of Russian bombs falling on scattering rodents in Hama.


LATAKIA:  The Syrian Army, backed by the PDC, the Russian and Syrian Air Forces, are now on the elevations overlooking Salmaa to the southeast.  The Syrian Army has advanced into Ruwaysat Khandaq Jaamu and has struck the Turk-supported grubs at Tal-‘Aas, Ruwaysat Al-Quboor, Mulawwihat Kitf Al-Ghidr.


Salmaa:  The SAA has killed 39 rodents here to the west and has taken what Wael has described as hundreds of “defectors” prisoner.  I’m waiting for more details on this.


The Russian Air Force has flown 64 missions for 119 sorties during the last 48 hours destroying a documented 53 terrorist positions, warehouses, headquarters and command-control centers for both Alqaeda and ISIS.


In Idlib, a large demonstration by the citizens of Armanaaz was held demanding the departure of all terrorists and the return of the town to the Syrian government.


ALEPPO:  Confirmed: the SAA has liberated the entire Free Trade Zone in Aleppo while destroying 2 armored cars.


As of October 9, 2015, the SAA killed over 140 rodents especially in the Al-Zahraa` Quarter:

Abu Diyaab Jum’ah

Abu Bakr Al-Huraytaani




Vasili sends this one showing Russia’s relentless pounding of ISIS:

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