DAMASCUS:  It’s an open secret.  The Syrian Intelligence Services have cracked the code which links the terrorist leaders enabling the military to strike them at will whenever they conduct their terroristic affairs.  Whether it’s a meeting of highly placed leaders, a tete-a-tete, a conversation over cell phones or, even, a pot luck lunch after midday prayers, the SAA is cognizant of their movements.  When meetings can be detected, it means they can be penetrated.  Whether by mechanical surveillance or the placement of informants, the SAA has broken through the web which has protected the rodents for too long.  Case in point?  Events yesterday in Der’ah and Damascus.  You have already read the post on Der’ah, now see what happened in Damascus.


Doumaa:  This is an area associated with the name of Saudi stooge Zahraan ‘Alloosh.   Whether he’s dressed as a woman in a chador or as a taxi driver where he looks uncannily like Travis Bickle, he is aware his organization has been penetrated from top to bottom.  In a very precise operation yesterday, the SAA, backed by militia, invaded the western area of Doumaa, at the Al-‘Aaliya Farms, and killed a group of terrorists as they were sitting down to meet and coordinate new efforts to torment the civilians of Syria.  Not willing to wait for the meeting to end, the army struck with savage suddenness killing these:

Firaas Ma’tooq

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Saa’oor

Muhammad Al-Zayn

Mahmoud Hijaazi

Radhwaan Kharbasha

Muhammad ‘Arbash

Yahyaa Haatim

‘Ibaada  Shamsham

Salaah Tufoor

‘Adnaan Al-Wazeer

Naayif Badawi


To make matters worse for these cockroaches, even their squabbles following this disaster were recorded by the security services.  In call after call, some to ‘Alloosh himself, the Military Intelligence, Political Security, General Security, Air Force Intelligence, National Security, and another whole laundry list of agencies, were able to eavesdrop on screaming rats bewailing their losses and demanding more help.


Maj. Gen. ‘Ali Mamlouk, formerly chief of General Security – removed after the July 18, 2012 assassination of 4 top military officers (including the president’s brother in law, `Aassif Shawkat – is now the president’s chief adviser on national security. 


Doumaa:  Near the municipal building, another meeting was convened to coordinate action between Jaysh Al-Islam (‘Alloosh) and Faylaq Al-Rahmaan.  The SAA waited before it pounced allowing the rodents to relax, light up a fag, sip on some tea, pray to Satan, before bringing the ceiling of the building down over their heads in a firestorm.  23 rodents were killed, some top leaders:

Muhammad Al-Jaasim

Akram Suwayd

Mahmoud Al-Tahhaan

Hassan Al-Samaadi

‘Adnaan ‘Abdul-Haqq

Jaaber Shahlaan

The rest were all non-Syrians and could not be positively identified.


Harastaa:  The Syrian Army and militia dealt a lethal blow to Nusra/Alqaeda here when it disrupted 2 meetings of terrorist leaders killing these:

Zaaher-Al-Deen Haleema

`Aadam Hussayn Muqbil 

Ziyaad Al-‘Idhudi (?)

Ahmad Haleema

Haaroon Al-Qattaan

‘Abdul-Fattaah Najjaar

Maalik Sa’adeddeen

Another 14 could not be identified.


Zabadaani:  Clean up continues as the SAA, the SSNP, HZB and NDF, heap misery on to the trapped rodents of Ahraar Al-Shaam.  Yesterday, our forces sanitized the Al-Jisr Mosque area liberating whole blocks thanks to the efforts of the 63d Brigade of the 4th Mechanize Armored Division.


URGENT ALERT:  Don’t believe any of the nonsense about the rats entering the ‘Adraa Women’s Prison. Ain’t true. Not a bit.  Pure propaganda.

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