This is one of 6 Sukhoi 34 “Fullback” bomber-interceptors deployed to Syria.  As of today, there are 28 new combat jets flying out of Latakia with many more to come.


It was flown along with 5 others just like it into the Baasil Al-Assad International Airport the day before yesterday.  This wing of bombers flew across the Caspian Sea in the shadow of a giant Tupolev transport plane, crossed Iran and, then, Iraq.  The Tupolev was ostensibly used for refueling and not, as some moronic sites have suggested, for covering the movements of the planes.  It is a fact that both Iran and Iraq have given over-flight permission to the Russian Air Force and no need exists for concealment.  In fact, Russian bombers are seen flying out of Latakia regularly now to conduct airstrikes in Idlib, Aleppo, Hama and Homs provinces.

ALEPPO:  The balance of forces is now weighing heavily in favor of the Syrian military.  With this in mind, note that the Kuwayris Airbase siege is now quite fragile as the SAA and PDC continue to pour assets into the area under the cover of Russian Air Force.  With all these new forces arriving, not to mention Belarussian troops soon, the SAA will now be able to both deploy soldiers and hold them in position, in effect, blunting the usual “withdraw-return” strategy followed by the rat terrorists.

Kuwayris Airbase:  Morale is very high as soldiers continue to call family members who inform them that the situation on the ground and in the air is improving markedly.  With frequent air drops of ammunition and food courtesy of the SAAF, our soldiers inside are not wanting for anything but a long vacation.  Yesterday, for reasons which remain murky, Nusra/Alqaeda and Ahraar Al-Shaam fought a pitched battle against one another.  Terrorist rat sites reported the death of a “major” Nusra commander.  That these vermin are members of the Jaysh Al-Fath coalition is important as far as their efficacy is concerned.


Air Force Academy:  The ISIS mongrels tried to break into the school again and failed.  I have no details about the operation, but, the SAA and AFI have become expert at predicting the behavior of these terrorists especially after breaking their communication methods.


Al-Nayrab Air Base: In the area of the Aleppo International Airport, the SAA destroyed 3 pickups with 23mm cannons killing all aboard.  According to rodent websites, these were killed:

Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Ahmad

‘Ali Ahmad Taahaa Shaashoo


Aleppo International Airport:  A major thrust by the SAA around positions held by Jaysh Al-Fath has rendered their efforts to disrupt air traffic increasingly questionable.   The campaign to rid Al-Nayrab AB of the presence of rodents is tied organically to events around the civilian airport.  Expect some important announcements soon.


سو 30


Heavy fighting now at these locations: Al-Shaykh Lutfi, ‘Irbeed, Bustaan Al-Baashaa, Rasm Al-‘Abid, Bani Zayd, New Aleppo, Bustaan Al-Qasr, Karm Al-Maysir, Al-Judayda, Al-Sha’aar, Qaadhi ‘Askar, Manaashir Al-Hajar, Dayr Haafir, Al-Jabbool, Humayma, Al-Baqjiyya, Tal Sab’een.


DAMASCUS:  ‘Alloosh has suffered a devastating series of setbacks in the Eastern Ghoutaa.  Jaysh Al-Islam has been subjected to operations designed to exterminate its presence:


Doumaa:  The Syrian Army confirmed the deaths of 32 rodents here at Al-Samaadhi Lands, ‘Aaliya Farms and Harastaa:


أسماء قتلى الإرهابيين بعمليات الجيش في الغوطة الشرقية بريف دمشق

Hameed Hussayn Al-Shaykhooni

Usaamaa Al-Shaadhili

Waleed Ghannoom

Muhammad Dhayfullah

Kaasim Ghazaal

Yasseen Ibraaheem

Khaalid Al-Halbooni

Mustafaa Khayr Ja’dan

Yahyaa Al-Da’aas

Shaaheen Mahboos

Another 22 could not be identified and are presumed to be foreigners entering Syria from Jordan.


Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer:  More deaths for ‘Alloosh’s brood:

Abdul-Malik Dooghmash

Maaher Dooghmash

‘Adnaan Al-Misraabi

Another 17 were not identified.


Dayr Salmaan:  SAA ambushed and killed these:

Fakhri Tu’ma 

Yusuf Ramadhaan

Marwaan Al-Sibaa’iy

Khaleel Jaasim Wardaani

Mousaa Al-‘Ashshi

Another 8 could not be identified.



Does anybody remember the story I told you about the Saudi student who contacted me and reported that the kingdom could not afford to send 12,000 students overseas to study because of financial troubles?  See why:

But, what about what KSA has spent on terrorism in Syria:

Gee, even more on the losing apes of Arabia:

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