This photo shows our forces completing clean-up in Zabadaani where whole caches of weapons have been unearthed containing those produced in the Zionist Ghetto State.  The rats are now in separate pockets awaiting their plunge into the nether regions where Mephisto has prepared their eternal banquet.


Doumaa:  A bad week for the Saudi acolyte, Zahraan ‘Alloosh, who just doesn’t get it.  The SAA struck his Jaysh Al-Islam today in the early morning hours just as he was getting up for his daily constitutional.  I can’t tell you what the blasts from our bombers did to his bowels, but, I can assure you he made quite a mess.  The SAAF reported killing 12 rodents, destroyed a pickup with a 23mm cannon and a warehouse with ordnance.  Rodents admitted the death of this field commander:

Zuhayr Al-Salaahi


Doumaa:  Yesterday, in the evening, at the Al-Rahma Fuel Station, Al-Mashtal (Arboretum or Nursery) and the Stone Quarries, on the west side of Doumaa, the SAAF pounced on Jaysh Al-Islam killing or wounding an undisclosed number of rodents.


Al-Zabadaani area:  The SAA, Hizbollah, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and militia advanced to the borders of Al-‘Aara Square in the center of town where the last rodents remain huddled in their respective coffins.  As of yesterday, the entire Al-Naaboo’ Quarter has been deloused.   See this nice video from Vasili about the assault on the rats in Zabadaani.

Madhaayaa:  A tunnel 500 meters long between the Madhaayaa Plains and Al-Zabadaani Plains has been destroyed by SAA engineers.  The tunnel was fully ventilated with electric current and connected to the highway west of Madhaayaa.



مقتل 7 إرهابيين من داعش في قرية المجيبرة بريف الحسكة

Al-Rawdha:  7 rats or more were killed here in a clash with the SAA and PDC

‘Umar Al-Qashma’iy

Zayd Al-Baa’oori

Another 5 were confirmed Chechens based on literature in their pockets.


Jabal Al-Nawba:  19 vermin were killed or wounded and their mortar launcher destroyed.  Also, 2 23.5 mm cannons were destroyed, one in Al-Zuwayk Village and the other in Kitf Al-Rummaan.  One terrorist leader of Kateebat ‘Aasifat Al-Al-Saahil was confirmed dead:

Taariq Sha’booq 


Jubb Al-Ghaar:  Enjoy this video from SANA showing our troops inspecting the spoils of war after pulverizing a group of Nusra/Alqaeda terrorists:



Dr. Tarpley hits the nail on the head,  again:

Great analysis from Lew Rockwell’s site about the past and future of the immigrant crisis in Europe: (Thanks, John Esq)





From the Syrian Electronic Army and Vasili Zaitsev come these photos which tell it all:


“American stupidity has no limits”, says Vasili Zaitsev:


Here’s a tape from Vasili showing refugees purportedly refusing aid packages because they have a red cross on them:

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