The group called ’Aasifat Al-Janoob (trans. “Southern Storm”) has been annihilated – completely destroyed, its cadres surrendering to the Syrian Army or defecting to other criminal gangs.  This announcement did not come from the Syrian Army but from the group itself as enunciated by its spokesrat, Adham Al-Karraad.  The disaster was so complete, the organization no longer exists.


Yesterday, the 5th Mechanized Armored Division, after receiving very detailed intelligence about Southern Storm’s latest plan to sever supply lines to the Syrian Army and, then, set up an independent administration linked to the Jordanian terrorist regime, not to mention, also, the same plan to surround the SAA in Der’ah while moving northwards in order to reach artillery distance to the capital.  All that was in the realm of metaphysics.

With the knowledge as to what the rats were doing, field commanders received orders to proactively engage them while the Syrian Air Force would hit the rats at their most critical position in Gharaz on the Jordanteezian border.  When a wing of Sukhoi bombers began strafing the rodent commanders at Gharaz, they were not prepared for the attack.  This resulted in a panicked reaction in which many of the leaders tried to leave the area in vans and cars.  All vehicles which moved rats out of Gharaz were vaporized – all of them.  No effort could be made to regroup as the SAAF continued to bombard the confused rodents with every air-to-ground rocket in the SAAF arsenal.

While this was going on, the 5th Mechanized Armored Division moved south out of Der’ah City and assaulted the terrorists who were proceeding at night in a huge convoy complete with rows of pickups armed with 23mm cannons.  The SAA has now provided night vision equipment to infantry as standard issue and picking off the rats was a delightful and easy task.  We can confirm over 89 rodents killed with hundreds severely injured.  Many have surrendered to the SAA and many were seen leaving in various states of panic  southward to the safety of Jordan which provides haven for terrorists.

And even as this campaign was taking place,  elements of the Syrian 5th Division assaulted 55 known positions belonging to Nusra and Southern Storm inflicting huge losses on the rats.  As part of this, at 4:00 a.m. this morning, Damascus time, in Der’ah City, in the Bajaabija Quarter,  the SAA struck at Nusra/Alqaeda and Harakat Al-Muthannaa Al-Islaamiyya killing the latter’s main commander along with scores of his confederates:

Saamer Yahyaa Abu Qayyaass

‘Adnaan Zakariyya Al-Masri

Anas Al-Hoori


WILE E. COYOTE MOMENT:   (Thanks Vasili)




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