Cameron prepares to receive his spoonful of soft-boiled egg from his darky manservant before putting in another hard day of lying to the people of England.  (Image courtesy of Dailystar.UK.)


He has a face so plain caricaturists find it difficult to render it from mediocrity to Blutruunstigkeit (bloodthirstyness).   He is the classic monster, someone you would never suspect with his English “ghulam’s” appearance, cherubic in some ways as though he were the Archbishop’s acolyte – that is until you realize he dreams of death and finds in his own machinations and ideations his only reason for existence.   Antichrist?  Similar.  Perhaps not the acolyte of a clergyman, but, the henchman of a crypto-Nazi pederast.  Along with the perverted imbecile at the White House, the sickening bastard-making cockalorum in Paris, the noxious faux-Islamic dunderheads in Ankara, Riyadh and Doha, he shares with them the selfsame indictments for war crimes and crimes against humanity.  He is a mass murderer.

Cameron is so anxious to join the American-led charade in the Near East – specifically in the fertile crescent, he has joined the traitorous Neo-Cons in Washington and their halftaroon stooge on Pennsylvania Avenue in drawing the curtains over the plot to oust the sitting leader of a member  and founding state of the United Nations.  He conceals his viciousness behind the laudable quest to destroy the Middle East’s most virulent army of nihilists – an army created by his own allies in the Zionist Settler State, the U.S. and, you got it, England;  the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo could only be invented by English orientalists, demoniacal panjandrums addicted to the orgasmic rush when brown-complexioned Pakkis scream Allahu Akbar as they drive their Semtex-laden lorries into the non-existent panoply of oblivion – courtesy of Her Highness.  He sniggers when he receives his daily digest of British accomplishments, how many WOGS went to Hell singing “God Save Our Miserable Queen”.

As this minor Shakespearean tragedy evolves, Cameron dons his black cloak and hunches over to mutter the self-same lies about President Assad.  “Why he is killing his own people”.  “He has killed hundreds of thousands of his own people.”  The Bard’s own genius here is best illustrated in how Cameron almost suggests in an aside, while squinting:

“But, O, if they only knew my fingers,

Erubescent as they ought not be,

Did with these Canaanitish folk,

Tear out their hearts so chirurgically.”

(Note to readers: don’t look this up. I wrote this whilst in a swound.)


Desperate to block the Iranian-Iraqi-Syrian gas pipeline to the Mediterranean, he has sold his soul to the eternal enemies of man – the Arabians of Saudi and Qatar.  They own most of his soccer teams and their money keeps the Isle of Man afloat.  He must appease them.  The Emirates hire his pilots to fly their aircraft and their logo is emblazoned on the shirts of his most famous football players – Ittihad/Emirates…..blah blah blah.  He provides visiting dignitaries from these pre-Bronze Age micro-monarchies with the cutest cupidons from his own orphanages or those unlucky little Polish children who happen to have been swiped off the streets by the “cleaners” at either MI5 or Whitehall.  He has turned England into a seraglio for pedophiles.

True to his words, Cameron has even inaugurated a new wing to Heathrow Airport called the “John Wayne Gacy Memorial Terminal” in honor of all the child molesting Arabians who visit England every day.


Now, he wants to join the battle against ISIS.  He has vowed to strike in Syria.  He plans to violate international law in order to block the Syrian Army’s successes which have turned the tide against the English-supported rodents at every front.  He plans and he plans.  And so does Vladimir Putin.

Cameron thinks the Russians are only self-interested.  And he’s right.  What Cameron can’t figure out is why Syria is important to Moscow.  He just can’t quite make heads or tails out of all this.  If we are fortunate, Jeremy Corbin might finally penetrate the veil of mist and arrive at these conclusion:


1.   Iran is dead set on extending the natural gas pipeline across Iraq to the Syrian coast for export to Europe.

2.   Iraq intends to earn royalties from the gas pipeline by charging duty.

3.   Syria intends to earn a windfall from its own delivery of natural gas to Europe.

4.   Russia intends to participate in the technology required to transport the natural gas to Europe.

5.   Gazprom, Russia’s oil and gas monopoly, will earn billions from this project by providing either subsurface pipelines or shipping.

6.   Russia does not want any Turk victory in Syria because the Turks are trying to reduce their reliance on Russian and Iranian gas by seizing proven Syrian gas    reservoirs under the Mediterranean.

7.   Russia is planning to influence Syrian decision-making about energy to Europe because Russia is moving its majority gas production toward China.

8.   Russia has extensive economic links to Iran, which needs Russia’s support at the U.N.S.C., and Russia can play the same game without changing its posture away from the very lucrative markets in the East.

9.   Russia cannot, I repeat, CANNOT, permit any jihadist group to win in Syria for reasons having to do with its own battle against Chechen terrorists.

10. Russia cannot allow a defeat of its armaments and technology since it plans to be the major producer of weapons and arms for export to the world.

11.  Russia will not relinquish its port facilities at Tartous and Latakia and will never give up its new air base on the coast of Syria.

12.  Russia will not allow a repeat of the Libyan scenario or the chicanery which led up to it at the United Nations.

13.  Vladimir Putin is known to despise Barack Obama, David Cameron, Francois Hollande, Erdoghan and the Arabian troglodytes.

14.  Russia cannot allow an ally like Dr. Assad to fall under any circumstances or for all the money in the world because Assad cooperates with Moscow.


Now what does Cameron think he’s doing about all this?


1.  Cameron wants to help the United States establish an Islamic Caliphate which would be located perfectly at the points where the Iranian pipeline would be extended.

2.  Cameron will help ISIS by not allowing it to be destroyed although he doesn’t want it to expand too much, like, for example, to Coventry, England.

3.  Cameron thinks of Alqaeda/Nusra as an ally of England because, tee hee hee, if the truth be told, Saudi Arabia, controls Alqaeda.

4.  Cameron is dependent on Zionism for his own life.  He has joined Tony Blair’s elite cabal of Khazarian sycophants who are now inextricably tied to the Saudi Arabians and Qataris.  Get it?

5.  The Khazarians of the Zionist Settler State and the Saudi/Qatari neanderthals cannot allow the Shi’I Crescent to become even more powerful because it threatens their own existence.  Cameron understands this and wholly supports the Zionist plan.


WHEN WILL THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND WAKE UP AND REALIZE WHERE THEY ARE BEING TAKEN BY THIS TREACHEROUS MISCREANT AND SERVANT OF SATAN?  When will the people of England demand a return to a civilized way of life where scum, like Arabians and Ghetto rats, are dealt with according to their sewer etiquette?  England is heading for a disaster which is unavoidable if Cameron is allowed to persist in his insane pursuit of Zionist and Obamist goals.  Get rid of him before it’s too late.  ZAF



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