When Vlad told the Russian ambassador to tell his gangster maniac leader, Erdoghan, to go to Hell, inter alia; and the King of Arabia cancelled his much ballyhooed trip to Moscow for “health reasons”; and Vlad publicly demonstrated utter contempt for the lying Hashemite dwarf, King Abdullah bin Antoinette Avril Gardiner; Moscow pulled out all the stops.  Please be advised that a whole unit of Russian Speznaz anti-insurgency specialists are now situated in Slinfeh near the border with both Idlib and Hama right at the western side of the coastal mountains.  I am proud that we have a home in Slinfeh and hope the Russians will take advantage of our hospitality.


Waadi Baasoor:  A supply line to the Turk-Occupied Hatay Province has been shut down by the SAAF at Waadi Baasoor near Kinsibba.  Newly arrived air-to-ground missiles and absolutely superb spotting techniques  coupled with Russian Sat-Int has driven the terrorist rats deeper into the cesspool from which they came.  Intercepted British communications urging the rodents to hold positions eliciting snarls and vulgar comments from the scurrying rodents have added to the mirthful atmosphere now dominating the Syrian Army and its allies.  A Saudi Arabian monkey/rat leader of Nusra was killed yesterday along with 3 Turks. Morale is very low among the Alqaeda vermin with many of their most charismatic leaders now frying in Hell.


Jubb Al-Ahmar:  A BMB truck and 4 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed.  A huge cannon was blown up along with ordnance causing the deaths of 10 rats at the border with Hama.


Jabal Al-Ghidr:  29 rodents killed at the Furunluq Rest Stop:

Zaaher Muhammad Kallaas

Waa’`il Al-Murra

The rest were all foreigners.



تدمير جرافة ومجموعة سيارات بمن فيها من إرهابيي

Al-Maarooniyyaat Village and Al-Qasaatil:  SyrPer has confirmed the deaths of 9 Chechen rodents with 36 Chechens escaping into the brush near Al-Ya’qoobiyya.  The SAA is pursuing them and will kill them all.


Fighting now in Kinsibba and Salmaa.

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