القضاء على عشرات الإرهابيين وتدمير آلياتهم في محيط القريتين والرستن بريف حمص

If Russia wants complete security for its forces and airbases in Syria, it must secure Jisr Al-Shughoor.  And so, Syria’s National Security Adviser, Gen. Ali Mamlook, flew to Moscow on June 29, 2015 and met with his counterparts in the Russian Defense Ministry and the Kremlin.  In September, Gen. Qaasim Sulaymaani traveled to Moscow to further shore up an agreement that would envision the arrival of Russian forces and materiel to Syria in order to finish off ISIS, Alqaeda/Nusra and the U.S. conspiracy.   Why is Jisr Al-Shughoor important?  Look at the map and see how it sits directly in the center of Syria’s huge agricultural valley called the Waadi Al-Ghaab.  Look at how it is situated on the road which rises to the west all the way up the mountains and bypasses a large number of villages only to finally give terrorists an unobstructed view across the serene coastal mountains with trajectories capable of striking Russian military assets.  This is the conduit for Turk terrorism and it must be neutralized.

Over a month ago we reported accurately that over 20,000 mixed-nationality troops arrived at Latakia and took up positions at the summits overlooking the Ghaab.  They have been active in protecting the northeastern areas of Latakia Province at the Turk border in Turk-Occupied Syria (Hatay) along with the Syrian Army and PDF.  But now, it has been decided that the number of forces available for the annihilation of rodents inside Jisr Al-Shughoor are insufficient since General Gerasimov has insisted on a sudden, overwhelming and crushing assault on the city.

But now, there is talk of Belarus sending troops in a first deployment auguring the arrival of more forces from the Collective Security Treaty Organization to effectuate a plan that had been in the development stage since at least the middle of 2013.  This is America’s nightmare.  NATO is on the way out and CSTO is on the way in.  European governments have taken note that nobody wants to bite into the toxic Syrian mess; not the least of which is the overarching menace of thousands of so-called refugees and asylum seekers who happen to be ISIS or Alqaeda operatives.  Germany is taking note. So is Austria and Belgium.  Italy is already on board.  This American-created debacle never had to blemish the mediocre record of Obama’s presidency were it not for the Zionist filth of neo-conservatism.  Obama is getting what he deserves.  No more. No less.

الجيش السوري يقضي على 38 إرهابياً معظمهم شيشان في عملية نوعية بريف اللاذقية الشمالي

Today, at the United Nations, Vladimir Putin bogwashed Obama with a speech that was as eloquent as it was truculent.  Only the Syrian Army has been fighting ISIS, Vlad said.  And if you want to really fight ISIS, then join Russia in a coalition to do exactly that. But, Vlad is aware that those who claim to fight ISIS are, in fact its supporters and sponsors.  Vlad can smell a rat from a mile away.  Note his cynical interview with the ignorant buffoon, Charley Rose, yesterday on 60 Minutes.  Remember what he told Rose when he started to rant and rave:  “From an intelligence operative’s side, what you are saying sounds like anti-Syrian propaganda”.  Rose’s shocked reaction was edited out to make it seem as though the wretch was unflappable.

And so, the saga continues and the people of Syria are becoming increasingly aware of where they went wrong.  The armies gathering on the coast are meant to exterminate all rats.  They’re not there to prop up any government.  They are there to finish off the criminals – once and for all.

مصادرة أسلحة وقتل 4 إرهابيين في كمين محكم بريف السويداء الشمالي



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