ALEPPO:  The fact that Russia has fully committed to Syria’s security and to the war on terror has had a remarkable effect on the SAA’s morale with soldiers openly discussing this new game-changing fact.  The U.S., controlled by Zionist traitor neo-cons, can expect nothing but contempt on the streets of Aleppo. Saudi Arabia is doomed for so many reasons, including its barbaric war on the Yemeni people.


Al-Mansoora:  The Syrian Army assaulted a convoy of 3 armored cars each with 5 rodents inside and destroyed all of them including 2 heavy machine guns slated to be installed on pickup trucks west of Aleppo.  One of the vehicles destroyed was a suicide truck (BMB) laden with explosives.  If the SAA attack did not kill all the rodents, the explosion from the truck certainly did.


Al-Zahraa` Suburb:  At the Scientific Research Building, the SAA killed 5 Alqaeda rodents, only one of whom was Syrian:

Jamaal Al-Saalim


Al-Raashideen:  Yesterday, Nusra/Alqaeda rodents tried to infiltrate out into the city.  As they did, the SAA formed a special operations unit to deal with them.  A counter-attack was initiated under cover of PDC infantry near the Journalist’s Association Building.  All rodents were killed in the melee.


Fighting reported at Kafr Naahaa, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Khawaabi Al-‘Asal.


Al-Ataarib Town:   A convoy of trucks loaded with reinforcements and weapons headed for Khaan Al-‘Asal to help trapped rats.  It was waylaid by crack Syrian army infantrymen who called in air force support and got it.  The scene at the Al-Ataarib highway was one of pandemonium as rodents tried to spirit away their roasting litter-mates.  Many killed or wounded.


Nests of rodents were exterminated at these locations in the vicinity of the northern capital: Salaahuddeen, Bani Zayd, Al-Maysir, Al-Zabadiyya, Al-Raamoosa.   (All rodents were Nusra)


Air Force Academy:  More silliness from ISIS which is taking a real drubbing in eastern Homs.  A vehicle equipped with a 23mm cannon was vaporized by alert perimeter guards as it approached.  There were two rats on board whose carcasses were turned into spent charcoal.


Heavy fighting reported south of the city at: ‘Ibteen, Al-Wudhayhi.  The Syrian “opposition” rats admitted to many killed including these:

Abu Muhammad Al-Kurdi

As’ad Al-Fayyaadh Al-Habid

‘Abdul-Qaadir Yusuf

Muhammad Al-‘Abdullah

‘Abdul-Hannaan Al-‘Allaawi  (Nusra Leader)

Abu Muhammad Suqoor (Nusra Leader)

May they all burn in the fires of Hell.


More fighting here:  Khanaasser (SAA assault), Balaat, Tal Al-Ni’aam, Tal Reemaan, Tal Al-‘Amoodi.







Dr. Tarpley summarizes the Obama mess nicely in this one:

Vasili Zaitsev sends this video of how some Syrian refugees show gratitude in Greece:

Vasili sends another which blows the lid off Obama’s lies about his relationship with ISIS.  One error, however: the supplies from Benghazi were also shipped to ports in Turkey:

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