تمديد هدنة الزبداني وبلدتي الفوعة وكفريا حتى صباح السبت المقبل

DAMASCUS AND IDLIB:  Unless you’re some imbecile in England, nobody in his right mind could expect the rodents of Alqaeda to last any more than a few hours in the center of the town of Al-Zabadaani.  In an effort to relieve the pressure on their litter-mates in the Qalamoon, the rodents of Jaysh Al-Fath imposed a blockade on the Christian/Shi’i towns of Al-Faw’ah and Kafrayyaa.  Moreover, many wealthy Sunnis who owned large tracts of land and had substantial investments in the resort town just 45 kms from Damascus also weighed in pressuring the Syrian government to relent on its promise to “exterminate” all the rodents inside Al-Zabadaani. There are only 50-80 rats left and they have been granted temporary permission to leave without any heavy weapons.  The ceasefire also applies to the towns of Buqqeen and Madhaayaa.

For their part, the rats in the northwest have agreed to permit Syrian Army supplies to enter the two Christian/Shi’i towns.  The ceasefire to allow the vermin to evacuate Al-Zabadaani and to permit supplies to enter the Christian/Shi’i towns has been extended to Sunday, based on the last report I received.


Al-Faw’ah:  As of 2 days ago, the Popular Defense Committees were able to seize a fully operational T-62 tank from the Jaysh Al-Fath killing all 3 rodents who were atop the vehicle.


Naaseef Al-Hajjaan

The third could not be identified.


Kafrayyaa:  Confirmed 14 rodents dispatched to Hell on August 11, 2015 when SAA artillery scored direct hits on a convoy of trucks.


Note:  The SAA is moving slowly, but, inevitably toward Jisr Al-Shughoor.  Yesterday, new positions were taken by the SAA at the Sugar Factory.



The Syrian Army and its allies are hitting the Jaysh Al-Fath terrorists hard at Tal Waasit, Tal Zajram, Al-‘Ankaawi.





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