48 ساعة حاسمة في ريف ادلب.. هجوم عكسي للجيش وسيطرة سريعة

DAMASCUS:  The encounters are becoming increasingly one-sided.  The SAA is winning every battle.  In Zabadaani, it’s all a matter of delousing whole quarters once infested by rodents belonging to the Alqaeda/Nusra organized crime gangs supported by the British regime and its Zionist Nazi allies.  But, in Yarmouk, you will be most interested to find out that the Alqaeda terrorists have been conducting joint negotiations with the SAA to permit them to leave the Al-Tadhaamun Area and all of the Yarmouk Camp.  Our Intel reveals that the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (General Command), led by Ahmad “Abu Jihaad” Jibreel,  has been understandably anxious to rid itself of the plague of Jihadism in order to repopulate the area with the now-thrice evicted Palestinian refugees.  The rats have been insisting on withdrawal with their heavy weapons.  The SAA has said “no” to that fearing a redeployment of the same weapons in other areas.  We agree.  The rats must all be killed and their weapons destroyed or seized to be used to kill Wahhabists.

(Note: Lt. Gen. “Ali Mamlook, the president’s chief national security advisor has been meeting with Saudis desperate to end the speculations about their longevity.  These meetings were initiated by Vlad in Russia.  Let’s keep watching these developments. Moreover, there is talk about Syrian Foreign Minister Waleed Al-Mu’allim meeting with his Saudi counterpart, ‘Aadil Al-Jubayr in either Teheran or in the UAE.  By the way, a new army called the Free Qatari Army has kidnapped Palestinian liar, charlatan and mercenary, ‘Azmi Bishaara who is an advisor to Prince Tameem bin Madame Banana, from his home in Al-Dawhaa, Qatar yesterday.  WE ARE DEMANDING HE BE EXECUTED AS A SHOW OF GOOD FAITH AND SUPPORT TO THE PEOPLE OF SYRIA!)


Yesterday, in Al-Zabadaani, the SAA killed 41 rodents.  Only these and 4 others were identified as Syrians:

Raamiz Mahmoud

Suhayl Mudawwar

Adeeb Mahmoud  (Wow. Another Mahmoud)

Radhwaan Muhammad ‘Alloosh (Another ‘Alloosh bites the dust)


Al-Hikma St. in the direction of Za’toot Al-Shalaah St., the SAA and HZB have established complete control of this area looking right down at the Public Transportation Quarter at the city center.  Many rats, all foreign, were counted before being cremated indifferently.


Buqqeen:  Wonderful water here.  7 rodents were targeted for death by SAA artillery.  Infantry followed up and identified these rats:

Ayham Khaytu

Hussayn Mahmoud (My, my! The Mahmoud family appears to be on the fringe of extinction)

Muhannad Hamdaan

‘Abdul-Malik Al-Shamaali

The other 3 were foreigners.


City Center:  SAA and HZB have now seized the last warehouse containing stolen medical inventory in the claws of the rodent terrorists.  No more aspirin. No more bandages.  No more CAPTAGON.  Just death.







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