All Syrian Military Airbases are dotted with huge reinforced hangars like this one at Kuwayris Airbase.  In the Damascus area, hangars are underground for additional protection.  The base at Mazza, which houses Syria’s fleet of MiG31 B Foxhounds, has underground hangars to protect these very valuable commodities.  This lesson was learned after the 1967 war.  “No wire hangars!”.  “No more airplanes on runways!”




Kuwayris Airbase:  The troops defending this important airbase are fully aware that Turkish mass murderer and professional butcher, Erdoghan, is constantly pouring more and more foreign rats into the conflict in an act of defiance so brazen it is shaking the moral foundations of his army.  The army remains opposed to any interference in Syria’s conflict, yet, with Hakan Fidan, the criminal head of the Turkish MIT, on his side, he has been able to skirt military limitations on his obsession with genocide.  It is obvious the rats and their Turk/Zionist handlers need some proof of momentum to bolster their waning morale.  Capture of a base, whatever base, would perhaps give them a kick-start for more mayhem.

Yesterday, Syrian Air Force Sukhois took off from Kuwayris using air routes proven to be secure in order to bombard the terrorists who were planning another suicide attack with a truck.  The operation never got off the ground, but the driver was way off the ground as his carcass was seen flying like Peter Pan across the horizon.   Once the suicide operation was interdicted,  the SAAF began to fly sorties from higher altitudes to avoid the MANPADs some of the terrorists had in their possession.  But, as I told you all before, the SAA is becoming very adept at searching out locations where the rats have advanced weapons provided by the criminal murderer, Obama, and exterminating those in possession.  One of the greatest concerns of the terrorist hyenas is the roving bands of rangers whose only purpose is to catch terrorists with advanced weaponry.

The terrorists admitted to losing these syphilitic swine yesterday:

Mahmoud Kattooli

Ahmad Muhammad Wafaa

Diyaab Faa`iz ‘Akku


Nayrab Airbase:  More attacks on this base in an effort to close down the Aleppo International Airport.  No such luck.  According to Wael in Latakia, the operations were not well concealed and resulted in heavy losses to the rats as bombers flying out of Kuwayris dumped spare ordnance on the rats here before returning to base.


Air Force Academy:  This place is a virtual citadel with elements of the Air Force Intelligence Directorate partly responsible for its defense.  Major General Jameel Al-Hassan, head of AFI,  has made this place a defense priority.  Yesterday, reports came in that ISIS initiated an operation to penetrate the perimeter of the academy but wound up drawing too much fire. The operation was cancelled after losing 11 rodents.


Kasheesh Airbase:  Not exactly the most important military asset of the SAAF, but, it remains a potential morale-raising acquisition for the depressed rats of ISIS, Jaysh Al-Fath and Alqaeda/Nusra.   Essentially, it is a runway used for emergency landings in the event of war with the Zionist Settler State.


Bustaan Al-Baashaa Quarter in Aleppo City:  In a superbly planned operation against Nusra/Alqaeda and Al-Jabha Al-Shaamiyya and Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam,  the Syrian Army broke up a planned assault on an army checkpoint and killed 5 rodents capturing some useful weapons for the militias.


Wael and Ba’ath Party sources report fighting also in Karm Al-Jabal and the Old City.  Otherwise, it’s business as usual.


Fighting reported in the southeast of the province at Al-‘Aamiriyya, Al-Sumayriyya, Al-Shaykh Lutfi, Burj Al-Rummaan, East of Al-Safeera Town.  Reports from Ba’ath sources described destruction of several pickups with 23mm cannon.

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