If you think the aging queen of England had an “annus horribilis” when Princess Diana was killed by a hit-team from MI6, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  King Salmaan bin ‘Abdul-‘Azeez, the reigning monarch of the Saudi Arabian Planet of the Apes, has undergone his own “Anus Horribilits” with the humiliating reception he was given in the Cote D’Azur by incensed French citizens who, evidently, did not cotton to his brazen squandering of his country’s wealth and the ostentatious show of bald tastelessness so endemic among the Arabian nouveau riche ragheads.

The ape king wanted to spend 3 weeks in France, but, his trip was cut short when citizens found out their government was planning to ban swimming on public beaches at the resort town of Villauris Golf Juane near Cannes.   Many were nonplussed by the Hollande regime’s willful disregard for French sensitivities especially when many adolescent boys started to disappear from the various neighborhoods around this resort.  Citizens accused the gendarmerie of soliciting boys between the ages of 7 and 14 to satisfy the deviant concupiscence of the Saudi monarch and his entourage of Arabian pedophiles.

Eight days later, after demonstrations became more voluble, the bearded simian Saudi satrap boarded a private plane with one half of his retinue and headed for the peace of Tangiers in northern Morocco.  There, another disaster overtook the hunch-backed child molesting monarch.  His chief of security, ‘Abdul Al-Tubji, was found dead from a bullet fired into his mouth.  In a note he left in poor Arabic, he bewailed his suffering due to complications from AIDS which caused his entire body to be covered with Kaposi’s sarcomata rendering his frame similar to that of a scarecrow.  The note was also remarkable for the curses directed at the king who is, according to the note, the chief “spreader of AIDS in the kingdom”.

The Moroccan authorities are understandably cautious about this event fearing Saudi rage if the truth be told.  But, at SyrPer, we’re not the least bit worried about Saudi Arabian sensibilities because we don’t view Saudi family members as anything more or less than a hybrid species of rat-apes unworthy of any kind of respect.

Al-Tubji’s family has been informed about his death.  His wasted carcass was flown to Riyaadh’s John Wayne Gacy Memorial Airport where it is expected he will undergo transformation by fire which is the way the Saudi family gets rid of all remnants of the AIDS virus they so energetically spread.

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