LATAKIA:  The battle to control all areas west of Jisr Al-Shughoor has begun in earnest with an incessant barrage of cannon and aerial fire descending upon the plague-carrying rats of Nusra/Alqaeda, Jaysh Al-Fath, Jaysh Al-Nasr.  The battle is concentrated on a string of hilltops named for a town called Jubb Al-Ahmar.

These hilltops are for the control of the pathways into Jisr Al-Shughoor through the Waadi Al-Ghaab and all northern Hama.  The murdering cannibals belonging to these Takfiri groups are aware of the value of these hilltops since they give an unobstructed view straight down to the Ghaab and northern Hama.  The Syrian Air Force, flush with new weapons from Russia, is flying continuous sorties overhead blasting all fortifications, warehouses and convoys carrying weapons from the barbarian Erdoghan and his crew of genocidal rat-pigs.

The inability to use the hilltops around Jubb Al-Ahmar has impeded the ability of the SAA and its new allies to move down into the Ghaab, as I’ve said.  But, of importance also, is that the rodent British-supported murdering terrorist infidels fire their missiles at the City of Latakia and its environs without regard to what they are firing at, often damaging property and, sometimes, killing civilians.  The Syrian Army High Command has made this battle an imperative one.

The SAA is facing heavy resistance here.  In order to break the back of the savages positioned in the area, the Syrian Army has unloaded a massive wall of fire while the Syrian Air Force continues to pummel the groveling rats in every cave and culvert.  The SAA is firing from the areas of Jubb Al-Ahmar, Al-Mallooha, Al-Rashwaan, Kitf Al-Ghanama, Kitf Al-Ghidr, Samkoofa, Markashliyya.  Once the artillery stopped, the SAA’s and allied infantries assaulted terrorist-infidel fortifications around dawn on Sunday from the area of Qimmat Al-Nabi Yunus (The Summit of the Prophet Jonah).

As of today, the SAA and its allies have advanced out of 3 axes to areas formerly under the control of the blaspheming cannibals where extremely intense fighting is taking place especially at Markashliyya.  I have been informed that fighters from Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq are acquitting themselves brilliantly and fighting with heart and soul.  The SAA controls some parts of Markashliyya, but, it has been hard to entrench in that area due to heavy fighting.

Weapons and ammunition are being sent in from the cannibal’s lair in Turkey to Nusra/Alqaeda.  While this is going on, Nusra, Jaysh Al-Nassr, Jaysh Al-Fath are concentrating forces in the Ghaab to take on the SAA when it crushes the resistance in the Jibaal Al-Saahil.  The J.F. and J.N. have opened up 2 new fronts in Hama in order to relieve pressure on their litter-mates.  They have attacked military checkpoints in the Ghaab, Jibbeen, Al-Humaymaat in northwest Hama, but, they have made no progress as the SAA and SAAF are very well prepared for their shenanigans.

The Syrian Army has reinforced at the towns of Al-Mansoora, Khirbat Al-Naaqoos, Tal Waasit, Al-Ziyaara and Al-Mushayyik.  They are firing blazing lead at the stinking, rat vermin.

We will keep you informed as to any new developments.

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