الجيش السوري يسقط منطاد تجسس تركي في ريف اللاذقية

Tasneen Village:  The Nusra/Alqaeda ally, Faylaq Homs, took a chance on invading this hamlet without knowing it was replete with weapons and ammunition wielded by the Popular Defense Committees backed by a whole regiment of SAA infantry and artillery.  No sooner had the attack begun with the usual blaring of horns and screeches of “Allaahu Akbar” than the defenders opened up a massive paroxysm of lead killing 43 rodents while over 70 managed to escape into the countryside.  Here are the details:

‘Abdullah Al-‘Anjaari (leader of Faylaq Homs)

“Abu ‘Umar Al-Atbaa’” (Leader of the 2nd battalion of Faylaq Homs)

“Abu ‘Abduh Al-Sudays” (Field commander of the Battalions of the Descendants of Khaalid Ibn Al-Waleed)

Yahyaa Al-Ashtar Al-Habbooba (Leader of Liwaa` Rijaal Allah)

Ahmad Haytham Jum’ah

‘Abdullah Darweesh

Faarooq Shammaama

‘Abdul-Jabbaar Ibraaheem Yahyaa Al-Khadhdhaara

Daawood Al-‘Ajjaan

Suhayb ‘Abbaas

“Abu Ja’far Al-Ansaari” (Turk rat dropping)

“Abu Subay’ Al-Ansaari (More Turk rat droppings)

“Abu ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Ansaari” (Suspected Afghan hyena)

‘Abu-‘Abdullah Qaddaad

Muhammad Al-Shaaweesh

The remaining carcasses could not be identified.


Tadmur (Palmyra):  ISIS leader and field commander MAJED AL-KAMASH was killed by SAA.  The SAA and PDC have reached the quarries and the entrance to Waadi Al-Maasik.


SAAF pounding Nusra at Al-Ghajar, Umm Sharshooh, Burj Qaa’iy



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