40 Terrorists Killed in Syria's Hama

HAMA:  With the battle in Latakia heating up and the Syrian Army’s takeover of 4 hilltops over Jubb Al-Ahmar being broadcast all over, the Syrian army has redoubled its efforts to dislodge rodents from areas they occupy in Hama Province.


Tallat Al-Qarqoor:  Jaysh Al-Fath lost another leader in a perfect aerial assault.

Mustafaa Hazzaa’ Al-Sayyid


Qasr Bin Wardaan, Muhambal Village and Areehaa:  The Syrian Air Force filling the skies with lead and fire as a confirmed 6 pickups with 23mm cannons were set ablaze by precise air-to-ground missiles killing an estimated 25+ rodents belonging to Jaysh Al-Fath and Nusra/Alqaeda.


Al-‘Ankaawi Village in Al-Ghaab Valley:  The SAAF flew 4 sorties over this area killing 17 rodents and destroying an armored car.  Rat communications confirmed the 17 dead which included several Turks and Kuwaitis.


Al-Tanjara in the Al-Ghaab Valley:  Syrian army forces coming down out of the mountains engaged in combat with remnant lice of Alqaeda.  Infantry assessment sent this list of dead Syrians.  The other 9 were foreigners.

Firaas ‘Azzoomi

Muhammad Khaleel Al-Ghaadhib

Sufyaan ‘Aamer Buwaydhaani


Al-Sirmaaniyya and Tal Zajram Villages in Al-Ghaab Valley:   Syrian Army engaging in heavy combat bolstered by SAAF.  No details.


Al-Lataamina and Kafr Zeetaa:  A nest belonging to Alqaeda was hit hard by both artillery and infantry killing 23 rodents and wounding scores:

Jameel Al-Saalih

No other names.


Al-Zaqoom Village:  The SAAF struck hard at Jaysh Al-Fath.


مقتل 40 إرهابياً شرق الغاب.. سلاح الجو يدك أوكاراً لـ

Qastoon north of Qulaydeen Village:  The SAAF struck hard again at a convoy of trucks laden with ammunition.  The explosion was remarkably powerful killing many rats who were astride the vehicles.


Al-Zakaat:  Syrian commandos ambushed and killed these rodents:

Hassan Al-Barakaat Al-Hiss (“Abu Hameed”, leader of Liwaa` Shaam Al-Umma)

Suhayl ‘Abdul-Razzaaq Qaydoor

Husni Karaawiya

Another 6 could not be identified.


Fighting in these areas in Hama:  Al-Qaahira, Al-Bahsa, Al-‘Ameeqa, Awram Al-Jawz, Al-Ziyaadiyya (SAAF)


IDLIB:  In related action to the events of Jubb Al-Al-Ahmar:

Faw’ah:  On August 17, 2015, National Defense Forces killed 15 Jaysh Al-Fath hyenas in a battle.  All were foreigners.


Furayka:  On August 23, 2015, the SAAF conducted 2 sorties over this vilalge and destroyed a pickup with 23mm cannon.  No estimates on dead rats.



جيش سوريا يفشل هجوما لـ"داعش" على مطار دير الزور

Ma’araata near Areehaa:  SAAF in action killing scores of rodents.  No details.


Khushayr near Abu Dhuhoor Village:  SAAF killed an estimated 15 rats belonging to Jaysh Al-Fath.


Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan:  Over 50 rats killed including 5 of their leaders in a spectacular SAAF operation targeting a warehouse loaded with Turk-provided weapons and ammunition.


Fighting reported here: Al-Tur’ah, Al-Buwayder, Muhambal, Al-Mastooma, Tarmala, Ghaaniyya, Safawhan, Qastoon, Marj Zuhoor, Al-Kufayr, Kinsafraa, Al-Jaanoodiyya. 


ALEPPO:  It’s over in Al-Zahraa` Suburb.  Look at the map and see how important this area was to the rats:


Here are the names of the dead Syrians.  According to our relatives in Aleppo, this battle resulted in the deaths of hundreds of rats.  Wael sends this list compiled from assessments and admissions by rats and their supporters:

Abdul-Rahmaan Saami Al-Majdalaani

Hassan Khaleel Al-Zaydi

‘Abdu Tamass

Yusuf ‘Umar Shahnoon

Shawkaat Nu’maan Al-Dhaaher

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Muhammad Sattoof

Muhammad ‘Abdullah ‘Uthmaan

Jihaad Mustafaa ‘Ali Al-Kilaawi

Zakariyyaa Barzoon

Yusuf Al-Aaghaa

Taaher Ahmad Al-Tawbeeni

Sidqi Rajaa Al-Nahhaal


Most of the others were foreigners.



Not satisfied with supporting ISIS and Alqaeda, Erdoghan now challenges Vlad in the Crimea, according to Brandon:


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