DER’AH:  This is the land of the Big Surprise.  And you are all going to find out about it soon enough.  The U.S. is finding out the slow way.  But, in any case, it has dogged American-Zionist-Saudi/ape-Jordanteezian morons for more than 3 years.  They are just too slow and their time is running short.


Al-Nu’ayma:  Syrian Army Special Operations units combined here to execute a perfect surprise assault on several nests of rodents deep in the center of the town.  Infiltrations are not the monopoly of the rats.  4 SF groups entered the town at night finding the rodents mostly sleeping.  The few perimeter guards posted mostly around buildings were identified quickly thanks to local citizens providing key details.  Those guards were quickly neutralized with revolvers and silencers or were overpowered with bludgeons.  Remember, the rats don’t wear helmets making their craniums very easy to club.

As the guards were dispatched early to Satan’s Spa, the SF units fanned out to every area where the rats were located.  It was a fairly easy operations since rodents like these belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda tend to sleep deeply due to use of narcotics and a general tendency to exhaust themselves stealing and raping.

The SF hunted down 2 rat leaders who were prize targets:  Bashshaar Al-Zu’bi, leader of a Nusra sub-franchise called “Jaysh Al-Yarmouk” and Ahmad Al-Nu’aymi, leader of another branch called “Liwaa` Al-Mu’tassim Bi-llaah”.  Both were killed by commandoes using knives to slit their stinking throats.   The total number of rodents killed in this operation was 51.


East Al-Ghaariyya in the town center:  The SAA and PDC  destroyed 2 nests belonging to Alqaeda and took 2 mortars with their launch pads.  No other details.


Der’ah City:  Alqaeda tried again to infiltrate into the city at the City Public Transportation Neighborhood.  As they were moving in on foot, they must have noticed that the SAA had placed sharpshooters on the second floor of every building as though the SAA knew about their movements.  At the area called Student Square, Al-Waseem Building, the Agricultural Bank Branch, Cardamon Market, the Palace of Justice, the Institute for Grain Research Building, Zenobia College and the National Hospital, the SAA opened fire on the rats killing all these:

Ahmad Muwaffaq Al-Sirsaawi (PALESTEEZIAN COCKROACH)


Ahmad Muhammad Abu Jaysh

‘Uzr Talee’ Al-Nu’aymi

‘Abdul-Fattaah Mar’ashli

Mu`min Al-Zilfi

Adham Khalaf

Kifaah ‘Umar Al-Dhaifullaah

‘Abdullah Al-Sha’baani

‘Alaa` Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Haamid

The rest were not identified.  Hundreds were reportedly wounded by the SAA.  Several machine gun cannons were destroyed along with 4 pickups.


City at the Al-Seebaa Quarter:  The SAA assaulted an Al-Qaeda command-and-control and surveillance nest near the Cisterns destroying a large machine gun cannon south of the grain mills and 2 cars and 1 truck with all the rats inside at the girl’s Secondary School.

مقتل 50 إرهابياً بينهم متزعمي جيش اليرموك ولواء المعتصم في ريف درعا

Heavy fighting reported here along with significant degradation of the terrorists’ equipment: Kaheel Town, Jubayb, West Tal-Al-Za’tar, Stone Cutting Factory, Al-Yaadoodaa. 



John Esq. sends this great article about the victory which is coming:

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