EXCLUSIVE: Over 50 Terrorists Killed near Aleppo Central Prison

ALEPPO:  Another brilliant maneuver by our SAA with the help of both HZB and SAA-Special Operations units.  At the infamous Central Prison, legendary for the unassailable bravery of hundreds of trapped Syrian soldiers who braved every kind of deprivation in the defense of this citadel of stalwartness.  Even the inmates who suffered along with our troops must be saluted for their unwillingness to succumb to the pre-feudal rats of Alqaeda and Ahraar Al-Shaam.  Today, at the prison compound, the SAA received secure and accurate Intel from MI describing a movement of rodents across Al-Shaykh Najjaar to the East toward the prison traversing non-conventional routes.  Rather than merely bombing the rodents, the SAA and HZB positioned snipers all along the

route used by the enemy.  In addition to this, the SAA brought in units with Katyusha and FROG missiles to strike at the rear positions of the rats to prevent escape.  The result was a route reminiscent of Canae as terrorist vermin found themselves completely surrounded and enveloped in a strangulating noose of artillery and infantry fire.


Commanders on the ground ordered troops to saturate the air with lead.  It was the intent of the SAA to kill every rodents.  At the end of the assessment, the SAA counted 67 carcasses with cargo pockets filled with documentation and literature evidencing a large presence of rodents from the Caucasus and Turkey.  Here were the only Syrian names which came across:

Fakhri Salmaan ‘Awdah

‘Abdul-Sattaar Hishaam Abu-Al-Haaj

Muhammad Kareem Shallaalaat

Faheem Mustafaa ‘Asfoor

Ibraaheem Diyaab Qawbaan


Kuwayris Airbase:  The Syrian Army easily shoved back another miserably inept attempt to enter the perimeter of this active airbase killing and wounding a reported 71 ISIS rodents.  They just don’t get it.  The suicide truck thing is so well understood that even Boy Scouts with an RPG can spot them.  This is expecially true because all supplies to the base come by way of helicopter, so, there is not purpose in trucks approaching.  If they do, they are destroyed, their drivers smiling with the promise they will soon be entering Oblivion thanks to all those degenerate clergymen who devised the Greased Pathway to Paradise.  In any case, another disaster.


By the way, folks, Nusra/Alqaeda is waxing wroth these days.  They have abandoned all frontal positions with ISIS due to the fact that Turkey has, supposedly, abandoned its support for Alqaeda.  Another permutation without much explanation.

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