DAMASCUS:  It is that time of the summer, during those dog days, when it’s just best to broom all the rats away.  HZB gave them their chance the day before yesterday by offering them a once-in-a-lifetime entreaty to surrender and, perhaps, survive.  They rejected the offer even though their numbers are now below 250 and their ammunition at rock bottom.


Al-Zabadaani:  THE SYRIAN ARMY AND HIZBULLAH HAVE NOW CONSOLIDATED ALL POSITIONS IN THE AL-SULTAANI QUARTER.  No more rats exist here and you should see how delighted the population is to be rid of these disease-infested vermin.   Young men and women came out demanding positions with the PDC as volunteers.


Al-Hissba Quarter in Zabadaani:  The SAA destroyed a Nusra/Alqaeda nest killing 6 rodents:

Fu`aad ‘Aamir Al-Kishik      

The other 5 were all foreigners whose identities could not be established.


Al-Hissba Road:  5 rats killed while skulking around the area.  They were hunted down, given a chance to surrender, and, then, killed.  All were foreigners.


Al-Seelaan Roundabout:  SAA artillery scored another direct hit after citizens acted as spotters.  Many citizens in Al-Zabadaani had served in the military and already knew how to direct fire.  All the rats in this nest were killed.


Al-Zulaah Quarter:  Confirmed, completely cleaned out of rodents.  Residents ecstatic.


Bloodaan Tower Heights:  SAA has established complete control over this area as of last night killing 14 rodents and destroying 2 pickups with 23mm cannons.  No other details.


The Syrian Army and HZB are approaching the Electrical Roundabout and advancing toward the Al-Hudaa Mosque and the Al-Haql Al-Asfar Field.  As many of you now know, the army has closed off the road to Madhaayaa which acted as a conduit for supplies to Al-Zabadaani.


Ayn Turma Village:  The SAA attacked a group of rodents east of Al-Tawba Mosque killing these after the SAAF had destroyed their rocket launcher:

Suhayb Al-Ahmadi (SAUDI ARABIAN FRUIT FLY.  Burned to death under blazing pickup)

‘Abdul-‘Azeez Qadhamaani

Firaas Al-‘Abbood

Muhammad Ghaazi Al-Majbal

Muhammad ‘Aadil Al-Fahhaam

Durayd Sameer Al-A’war


تفاصيل عمليات الزبداني اليوم..  الجيش يغلق المعبر الرئيسي إلى مضايا

Zamalkaa:  2 pickups with 23mm cannons belonging to Faylaq Al-Rahmaan were destroyed by low-flying SAAF bombers.  A warehouse with a major cache of ammunition went up also in flames:

Salaah Dimashqiyya

Mu’een Al-Dhaaher (LEBANTEEZIAN LEMUR and relative of traitor Khaalid Al-Dhaaher)

Ziyaad Al-Dakheel

Nadheer Saymaa

Faadhil Al-Raawi

Shaaher Al-Hindi

Muhammad ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Maardeeni

Qusayy Ya’mur


Irbeen:  SAA artillery destroyed a vehicle maintenance garage used by Alqaeda along with a van loaded with medical supplies and ammunition:

Mahmoud ‘Abdul-Haqq

Zuhayr Karaadoos

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Khateeb

Dhiyaa` Mas’ood

Nu’maan Shaykh-Al-Bustaana

Another 3 were found and killed near the township arena.


Doumaa:  At Bayt Sawaa Farms, the SAA killed these:

Khaalid ‘Itma

Yusuf Daghmash

Marwaan Tu’ma 


Doumaa:  14 ‘Alloosh rodents bit the dust here last night:

Hammood Hussayn Al-Shaalit (sniper unit leader who once belonged to Ajnaad Al-Shaam)

Muhammad Hassaan

Abu ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Zaww

Ayman ‘Ayboor


Fighting reported in these areas:  Magharr Al-Meer, Dayr Khibya

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