DAMASCUS:  ‘Alloosh is losing his relatives.  His Jaysh Al-Islam is falling apart at the seams and field commanders are increasingly hard to find.  The slow progress of the SAA in this area should not be disappointing to any of you.  The area is booby-trapped extensively with tunnels having been dug by the traitors in the Hamas Palesteezian organization.  It’s slow going but it is certain.  ‘Alloosh continues to spout nonsense over his cell-phone threatening to fire more missiles at civilian areas when we know he has almost not rockets left.


Doumaa:   East of the City Sports Arena in Al-Dayriyya Quarter, the SAA made mincemeat of a pack of feral rodents belonging to Jaysh Al-Islam.  In the process, the SAA emplaced explosive charges under fortifications built by the rats destroying them all.

Haytham ‘Alloosh

Hussayn Satla

‘Abdul-Ra`oof Baladi

Muhammad Injeelaa

Usaamaa Hameed 

Mustafaa Khaddoora


Al-ZABADAANI:  The Syrian Army and Hizbullah have completely deloused the Al-Zumaah Quarter of the town as they persist stalwartly in cleansing the center of the area.  The town is completely surrounded.  We know this too because the rodents inside are imploring their litter-mates to open a “gap” (“ثغرة )for them to the West.  It’s not going to happen.


At the Al-‘Aara Quarter, the Al-Mahatta (taxi depot), West Quarter and Al-Zahraa` Quarter, the SAA and HZB are pounding remaining pockets of rodent infestation.  North of Al-Zahraa`, the SAA delivered a direct strike on a building used by the Nusra/Alqaeda and Ahraar Al-Shaam as an HQ.  The building collapsed completely killing every rodent inside:

‘Ali Mir’iy (leader of Ahraar Al-Shaam)

Qays Al-‘Ajjooj

Khaalid Al-Daalaati

Faraj Al-Deeb

‘Ammar Al-Halbooni

Muhammad Hamdaan

A 23mm cannon deployed on the 2nd floor balcony went down with its rat owners.  Another estimated 10 rodents were inside.


Jawbar: East of the tanneries, the SAA killed 3 rodents belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda. They were all foreigners and have not been identified.


Irbeen:  SAA artillery was key to this victory as scores of rats headed for the hills leaving the imbeciles behind to face certain death:

Makram Abu Haseeb

Zuhayr Al-Asbah

Khalaf Ahmad Al-‘Arraaf

Muhammad Zhareefa

Sa’eed Jaanu

Another 17 could not be identified.


Al-Zamaaniyya Farms in the Ghoutaa:  At the Al-Qurayti Farms. The SAA is in hot pursuit of fleeing vermin who were caught hiding ordnance in pre-dug storage barrels.  All contraband seized was quickly distributed to our militias for killing Saudis.


Al-Qaasimiyya Farms and ‘Ayn Turmaa:  SAAF launched several sorties and destroyed a rocket launcher and truck laden with ammunition.


Fighting reported here:  Zamaalkaa, Khaan Al-Shaykh, Al-Husayniyya  




Rasm Al-Khawaalid:  Northeast of the city, Nusra/Alqaeda and Alwiyat Ahfaad Al-Rasool (Brigades of the Messenger’s Descendants, yawn) were decimated with their weapons and ammunition visibly exploding as SAA FROG rockets showered down on them.


Fighting with many rat casualties at:  Umm Baatina and Al-Hameediyya

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