DER’AH:  Something important is happening in Syria.  Not only in Al-Hasakah where we find hundreds, if not thousands of young men and women, rushing to join the Popular Defense Committees, but also, in Der’ah where this whole mess actually started.  Notwithstanding any hostility to the Ba’athist government of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, 2 things have happened in Der’ah which cannot be refuted:  the first is that the people now realize that this is not their war any longer; it is a war foisted upon them by the United States, the Zionist Khazar State and Britain, not to mention the Arabian monkeys.  The second epiphany has to do with a realization that the events of 2011 were staged by a coalition of American/British/Saudi/Qatari spooks who positioned snipers on the tops of buildings to deliberately target demonstrators in an effort to “frame” the Syrian government.  Der’ah’s population now knows that the war did not start with simple demonstrations demanding greater freedoms – they started as part of a plan hatched in 2007 by the CIA/Mossad/MI6/and the hapless Saudi General Intelligence muttonheads.  Today, you are watching the people of Der’ah expressing their loyalty to their flag by joining with the SAA and PDCs to stop the raging and maniacal campaigns plotted in Amman, Jordan, to occupy this southern capital.  Nobody but a few nincompoops want Alqaeda or its allies in the city or the province.  HENCE, YESTERDAY, ALQAEDA LAUNCHED A 4-PRONGED ASSAULT ON THE CITY FROM 4 SEPARATE GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATIONS IN AN EFFORT TO DISLODGE THE SAA AND PDC.  THE CAMPAIGN WAS AN ABYSMAL FAILURE WHOSE STATISTICS ARE REVERBERATING IN AMMAN AS I WRITE.  Monzer claims that the United States may pull its staff out of the “Operations Room” due to the depressing record of failure as demonstrated by the imbeciles there.


THE CITY:  Yesterday, coming out of the areas of Al-Yaadooda, Tal Al-Za’tar and Al-Nu’ayma, Alqaeda/Nusra along with Liwaa` Al-Yarmook and Falloojat Hawraan, came up against an impregnable wall of fire power in the city of Der’ah.  The SAA knew about the operation days ago and made sure preparations were more than adequate to protect the city.  As it turned, something surprising took place: citizens started cooperating with the army at a level heretofore unseen in this area.  At mosques and clubs, residents of Der’ah proclaimed their loyalty to their flag and condemned the cannibal rodents supported by the archenemy of the Arabs, the United States/Britain and the Zionist Settler State.  Who could blame them when the terrorists announce regularly their “positive” interaction with Zionist PM, Benjamin Mileikowski.

Yesterday, the rats attacked with over 25 refurbished T-62 tanks, 20+ APCs provided by the Saudi apes, 100 or more pickups with 23mm cannons and a slew of TOW operators.  They came in from 4 directions, mostly from the East at Al-Nu’ayma and the northwest from Al-Yaadoodaa.  The number of Syrian troops and militia waiting for them was in the thousands heavily armed with the best T-72 tanks and a plethora of highly advanced, mostly Russian, anti-tank and anti-personnel weapons.  Combine all that with the SAAF and the Big Surprise, and what you got was a BIG FAT DISASTER!


The assault was stopped in its tracks from the beginning.  When it looked as though the city was going to undergo siege, the fantasy went bust as whole packs of rodents began to turn around only to face the harrying mayhem of fully loaded Sukhoi bombers strafing them at every corner.  The Big Surprise was evident, for all to see, as each maneuver planned by the rats, including infantry-cum-suicide truck assault, collapsed with dead-on accurate Kornet rockets savaging the kami-kaze degenerates from every direction.  According to our sources in Damascus, the number of rodents killed has exceeded 300.  There will be a full on-scene military assessment since the rats have scattered leaving no snipers or marks-rodents behind.  A major humiliation for the British and their Jordanian accomplices.  A huge victory for the people of Syria.


مقتل مئات الإرهابيين.. الجيش يفشل هجوماً من أربع محاور على درعا

East Al-Muzayreeb:  The groups called Fursaan Al-Janoob (Knights of the South, yawn) and Kateebat Shuhadaa` Muzayreeb (Martyrs of Muzayreeb Brigade, yawn squared) faced extinction yesterday as the SAA and PDC laid waste to their one and only caravan:

Muhammad ‘Abdul-Raheem Al-Ghaanim (a field commander)

Saddaam Al-Jibaawi (Fursaan’s leader) 


West Tal ‘Antar:  At the Al-Adham Building, Nusra and Ahraar Al-Shaam were obliterated.


Al-Yaadoodaa Town:  Weapons and ammunition seized with 3 confirmed rat deaths.


More fighting reported here:  Silos east of the province near Suwaydaa`, Sayda at Jordanian border, Abaazeed Quarter in the City.

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