الجيش يسيطر على مساحات واسعة في تدمر ويقتل ويصيب 125 إرهابياً من داعش

HOMS:  It will be some time before the SAA gets around to liberating Palmyra.  That’s what the MoD says.  But, the SAA and SAAF can keep making the life of the terrorist cockroach miserable as we wait for the right moment.  Things are going very well.  Saudi border guards and reservists are defecting in significant numbers to the Yemeni Army.  Saudi Arabia has actually attacked its own soldiers who had declared their loyalty to the Yemeni freedom fighters.  Yes, it’s a bad day in Riyaadh.

But, it’s even worse in Ankara. Syrian hackers have chiseled into the Patriot anti-aircraft system installed by NATO’s Germany on Turk soil.  Even if it were for a moment, our noble computer geniuses were able to control the missile system’s entire guidance technology.   This is a message to Germany: Don’t mess around.  There are more surprises coming.  Don’t be surprised if those missiles wind up flying into Ankara.  Tee hee hee.


Al-Marmala Hill:  SAA has established control over an area 11kms deep and 18 kms wide in the area of Al-Bayyaaraat east of Palmyra.


Nazl Hayyaal and Al-Qaadiri Farms:  Complete control established by SAA and PDC.


Thaniyyat Al-Rajma:  Complete control established by SAA west of Palmyra.


Abu Hareess Village:  Artillery pounded Nusra positions here as the rats tried to infiltrate into the area of the hatcheries east of Jubb Al-Jarraah.  A reported 6 rodents were killed with many wounded.


Qasr Al-Hayyir:  SAAF has now blocked a supply line for ISIS here along with bombing the SyriaTel Tower, the Driving School and the Citadel Hotel.  35 rats confirmed killed in the sorties and 3 pickups with 23mm cannons destroyed.  These figures are from citizens acting as scouts for the SAA and SAAF.



مقتل 35 إرهابياً من داعش وتدمير 3 سيارات بغارات سورية  في تدمر

Al-Wa’rah Village:  Near Talbeesa. SAA killed several rats.  No details.


Al-Rastan:  At the cement factory,  a pack of rodents was jarred by an SAA assault.  More details, perhaps, tomorrow.

Reports indicate the death and wounding of over 135 ISIS rats yesterday in Homs Province.




الجيش يحكم سيطرته الكاملة على حي الليلية في الحسكة

The Syrian Army has cleaned out the Al-Layliyya Quarter just east of the liberated Al-Nashwa Quarter.  Complete control.


Ghuwayraan Quarter:  The SAAF has directed pinpoint attacks on concentrations of ISIS vultures.


Villas Quarter:  Ditto.


Al-‘Areesha Town and Al-Shaddaadi:  More SAAF action in preparation for a big push.

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