Think of how effective the Big Surprise has been. After all, the Obama plan to create a “moderate” opposition is pretty much as relevant today as the Hula Hoop. I can’t wait to reveal the surprise to my readers. But, you will still have to wait until the very last rat is killed and Erdoghan is in his grave.

DER’AH: The rats haven’t figured out yet that they’re just cannon fodder. They have yet to figure out there’s no paradise with 72 Virginians waiting for them. It appears the U.S. terrorist handlers in Amman are just trying to keep the SAA occupied with moronic tactics and doomed suicide bombings. A real mess.

The City: 2 snipers in the Naaziheen Camp were spotted, surrounded and killed 4 days ago. It’s not easy being a sniper. Sometimes you find yourself in a position from which there is no escape. They were both from the Gulf area. No names.

East of the Electricity Company: 2 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed and all passengers aboard killed by SAAF and PDC.

Al-Nu’ayma: In the direction of the White Palace, the SAA killed a pack of 7 rodents belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda.
Busraa Al-Shaam: The SAA pounded and then assaulted the rats in the east neighborhood killing these and wounding scores:

Khaleel Ibraaheem Al-Zataawi

Ibraaheem Hussayn Al-‘Aassi

‘Aadil Muhammad ‘Abdul-Qaadir

Muhammad Fareed Zannoon

Taariq Hassan Al-Haaj Al-Miqdaad

‘Itmaan: Artillery fire was focused on a pack of rodents after several hours of monitoring their movements. A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed and 11 total killed or wounded.

East of the White Palace Rest Area: The SAA ambushed Nusra and killed 3 with over 10 confirmed wounded.

Electricity Company at the Al-Naaziheen Camp: The SAA found and killed this rodent:

‘Abdul-Qaadir ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Shareef.

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