Nusra Rebels Suffer Heavy Losses in Idlib Province

IDLIB:  Nothing gives your editor greater pleasure than to scan the rat-sites for outright propaganda designed to buoy up the sagging morale of the rodents who still believe God is on their side despite their comical failures and Rabelaisian fatalities.  Witnesseth:


KInsafraa Village:  16 confirmed dead in a SAAF attack followed by infantry assault.  These were all Nusra/Alqaeda.  Here are the only Syrians in the group which was, evidently, mostly from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  The Arabians were reportedly executed by the villagers after units of the all-volunteer PDC exhibited them to the townsfolk.  I wish I was there:

Ghaazi ‘Abdul-`Aati Al-Taweel

“Abu Mus’ab” (Nusra mortar unit commander. Id pending)

Sirdaar Muhammad Al-Anoof

Jamaal ‘Ali Zilfi

Muta’ ‘Ali Shaqfa


Ma’arrat-Massreen:  A mortar and cannon were destroyed belonging to Jaysh Al-Fath.  This area is used primarily to bombard villagers in nearby Faw’ah and Kafrayyaa.  The equipment was completely destroyed and there is confirmation that this rat was killed along with 7 others:

‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Dinaari (Jaysh Al-Fath “Special Operations” commander)




Khushayr Village:  The SAAF shellacked Alqaeda rats here.  No assessments available.


Abu Dhuhoor:  Bombers flying out of this airport are continually disrupting Alqaeda’s operations. 


Al-Ghafeer Farms:  Weapons and ammunition were confiscated after SAA and PDC, supported by security forces, surrounded and snuffed out a pack of rodents.  They were quick to lead our soldiers to a substantial stash of ammunition.  All will be distributed to PDC for use in killing Saudi Arabian rodents.


West Binnish:  A mortar was destroyed by SAA artillery.


Fighting in Raam Hamdaan resulted in destruction to a van used to transport rats and 2 mortars.  No other details.


Al-Tamaani’ah:  A pickup used to carry equipment was disabled in a firefight.  No other details.


Balyoon Village:  6 Nusra rats killed here by the SAA with the assistance of the residents who gave our soldiers crucial Intel about the location of the vermin.


North Taftanaaz:  This old helicopter graveyard with almost no practical value was targeted by the SAAF when Jaysh Al-Fath hyenas were grouping to move out.  They were dispersed.  No other details.


Heavy fighting now in these villages and towns: Al-Rukaayaa, Sijna, Talab, Sihyaan, Al-Dibshiyya, Umm Jurayn, Tal Salmu, Tal Ziridnaa, Areehaa, Tu’oom, North Al-Sawaaghiyya, Bizayt.   Sources indicate that over 36 terrorists were killed yesterday in these locales.  All belonged to Jaysh Al-Fath



Jisr Al-Shughoor:  In the Tal Al-Sahn area.  22 rodents were killed yesterday in fighting over turf designed to protect advancing SAA and volunteer forces who have now entered the Sugar Factory area to the south of the city. 


Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan:  20+ rats killed in 2 special operations conducted by SF. 

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