The Syrian Army has confirmed that all quarters of the city of Al-Hasaka have been mostly deloused.  It started with the Al-Nashwa Quarter with both residential and public buildings.  Once they were free of rodents, the SAA continued to the Criminal Security Branch Building, and then, to the Electric Roundabout, the Electric Company and the Water Preservation Reservoir.

At the point when the SAA reached the reservoir, the ISIS hyenas moved to the Cultural Center Building and Sports Arena where they were surrounded until Tuesday. Reports coming in today indicate the terrorists have been routed there.

South of the Ghuwayraan Quarter: The SAA is pursuing remnant rats in an area about 10 blocks in size.  The Al-Baasil Bakery has been secured as well as the Center for Production of Grains and areas surrounding it. The SAA has advanced to the Economics College and exterminated all rats inside.

One of the problems is that the local militias operating inside the city have been unwilling to take prisoners which deprives the SAA and security unit

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