قتلى أتراك وأفغان في ريف دمشق وتدمير سيارات أسلحة بحلب

DAMASCUS:  The Syrian Army High Command issued the following communique yesterday concerning military developments in the Qalamoon. (Translation by Ziad Abu Fadel, Esq., Michigan Supreme Court certified translator):

“The operations of the army and the armed forces in cooperation with Popular Defense Units and the Lebanese National Resistance continue in order to achieve complete control over the Qalamoon Foothill Barrens along the length of the Syrian-Lebanese border after inflicting upon Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) and ISIS huge losses in personnel and materiel.

“The achievements of our armed forces in the Qalamoon constitute a mortal blow to the terrorist scheme in this area and squelches the fantasies of those who supported it.  (It also) contributed to the strengthening of transportation security between the Southern Area and the rest of the areas just as the operations, likewise, contributed in securing the border with brotherly Lebanon and cut the supply routes and crossings; shutting down the Eastern Portal of the Qalamoon toward the Central Area.

“The Syrian Arab Army performs its sacred tasks in confronting terrorism according to a strategy controlled by military necessity which has been imposed by strategic goals to eliminate terrorism from all the soil of the homeland”.  


FALEETAA FOOTHILLS:  Just in, the Syrian Army and its allies have crushed completely the Zionist-American rat presence in the Qalamoon.

Al-Zabadaani:  The SAA and its allies struck hard and deep here at areas still infested with Zionist-Jordanian-supported rats.  A rocket launcher was destroyed in the Eastern Mountains.  These rodents were identified as Syrians:

Ahmad Diyaab

Saraab Hamdaan

Bassaam Dhumayriyya

Shafeeq Rahma

Ahmad Qaassim

Muhammad Jamaaleddeen

‘Ammaar Al-Khateeb

Sayfuddeen Al-Ashrafaani

Another 13 were presumed foreign.


Zamalkaa:  2 rocket launch pads were destroyed by SAAF flying out of Mazza Air Base with a nest also confirmed destroyed. No assessment.


The Syrian Air Force was particularly active over these areas:  Misraayaa, Jawbar, Jisreen.

سلاح الجو السوري يستهدف مواقع الإرهابيين في حرستا وجوبر بريف دمشق


Bayt Tayma Village:  A warehouse for weapons was completely destroyed:

Bahaa` ‘Assaaf

Mustafaa Ghummayza

‘Abdul-Ra`oof Al-Jabali


Bayt Saabir Village:  A nest and warehouse were targeted and destroyed completely. No other details.


Waadi ‘Ayn Turma:  Another arms depot was destroyed along with a pickup truck armed with a 23mm cannon.


Fighting reported in Marj Al-Sultaan, Al-Nishaabiyya.


الجيش: عملياتنا مستمرة بالتعاون مع حزب الله حتى السيطرة على كامل جرود  القلمون

Doumaa:  At the Jarra Roundabout. SAA clashing with ‘Alloosh’s demoralized rats.


Aaliya Farms:  Closing in on ‘Alloosh’s lair.  He may be in Saudi Arabia for all we know.  But, it’s nice to get warmer.


Harastaa:  A mortar launcher was destroyed.



John Esq. forwards this news article exposing the baloney about Syria. Students of propaganda will love it:


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