Sayf-Al-Deen Ya’qoobi, the Tunisian terrorist, was a gift from Hollande and Cameron to the tourists of Tunisia.  (Photo: VK.Com)


The men who killed 39 tourists, mostly British, are not the criminals here.  The ones responsible for this carnage are those who sit in palaces with the accoutrements of power – those in England, France, Germany and Brussels.   They empowered the terrorists when they aided them in attacking innocent Iraqi and Syrian civilians in order to destabilize the same Middle East they so much wanted to control as though the world were still some ripe apple for them to slice up and devour.  These are the wages of arrogance, stupidity and malevolence.  No one rat among this elite group of charlatans and murderers deserves this treat more than David Cameron and Francois Hollande.  Their bloodthirsty policies of hate and obsequious patronization of the socially and historically useless Arabians have brought them to the pinnacle of war crime immortality.   If any family in England or France, or Germany or Belgium, for that matter, are aggrieved by this violent act of pure nihilism,  don’t let them waste their venomous wrath on the miserable wretches who carried out their orders from some non-existent deity in a metaphysical Oblivion – instead, let them point their accusatory fingers at the enablers, the vicious felons who directed the rise of ISIS; who worked with Erdoghan to establish bases for ISIS in Turkey; who gave the rats logistical and material assistance; and, yes, even financial assistance.  Those are the murderers, in reality,  and they are the ones who should sit in the dock with their lives measured by the length of the rope which awaits them at the gallows.


أغلب القتلى بريطانيون..

Sayf-Al-Deen Ya’qoobi whose nom de guerre was, evidently, Abu Yahyaa Al-Qayrawaani, along with two others, ended the lives of 39 tourists seated comfortably on the beach at the Imperial Hotel in Soussa, Tunisia.  He was described as jovial, bantering with security people, hawkers and tourists.  What the innocents did not know was that he carried a high-powered automatic machine gun backed up by reams of bullets which he used to reemphasize what President Assad has been telling the world for the last 5 years about terrorism:  it is metastatic – attacking Syria will shatter the fault lines in the Near East and bring the horror right back to the enablers, those who aid and abet murder – right back to the world’s most mephitic terrorists, Francois Hollande and David Cameron.  It is only a matter of time before the criminal in the White House gets his dues when Americans become the target of this malignant philosophy of nihilism.  But, today is the Day of Shame for the two confederates of ISIS- the ones who will not relent even though the writing on the wall is now lit in neon outlines.

And there were attacks in Kuwait at the Imaam Al-Saadiq Mosque.  A Saudi Arabian blew himself and innocent Shi’is into piles of dismemberment because Shi’is don’t have the right to live in peace and tranquility.  That the rat was Saudi should shock no one, after all they were mostly responsible for 9/11.  While the murders at the mosque were horrendous, they in no way match the systematic slaughter of Yemeni civilians as conducted by the Saudi war criminals who call themselves members of the “royal” ape family of Saudi Arabia; their jets flown by foreigners, Zionists and American mercenaries, Pakistani mercenaries, all brought together by a clan so afraid of its own people it spends most of its defense dollars on retired officers from other nations who are more trustworthy than the people who are champing at the bit to end the Wahhabist Reign of Terror in the Peninsula – in their own country.

And then, a man was beheaded in France by another disgruntled North African nihilist.  Hollande was given another chance to build up some points with his largely hostile electorate by hinting at tears, scowling with disgust or just posing like the mass-murdering gangster he really is.  This is the same garbage which allowed the assassination of Sakine Cansiz in Paris, the Kurdish revolutionary who was about to expose Ocalan for what he really was:  a Quisling who bargained with Erdoghan over a wide-screen television in his solitary cell on Imrali Island.


Even his cultivated image of pure idiocy cannot hide the fact that this thug is a virulent enemy of humanity.  He fathered 4 bastard children with his slatternly concubine, Segolene Royale, and wouldn’t have the decency to marry her for one day just to legitimize his offspring.  Hollande is the war criminal par excellence.


So, there we are, in the parlance of the English.  A spreading plague whose microbial provenience is directly related to the vicious rats who now must treat it.  And treat it they won’t!  These degenerates, like Cameron and Hollande, feed off death and destruction.  They are immune to the bug.  They wallow in it like pigs in a sty.  Slugs whose malignant slime communicates death – they are the godfathers of nihilism.  They will take Europe to the twilight of its existence.  May they burn in Hell.  ZAF        


Watch the tape of the attack taken by a very courageous man on his cellphone.  (Courtesy of Alalam)

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