DAMASCUS:  Horrible day if you are in the terrorism business.  The Syrian Army and its allies from HZB, SSNP, Ba’ath Party militia and the indomitable PDC brought the roof down on the terrorist murderers and cannibals – yesterday and today:


Zibdeen and Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer:  In a multipronged military action with SAA artillery pounding Alqaeda positions behind fortifications, the SAA deftly moved around the perimeters of the defenses and surprised the crouching rodents with an endless fusillade of lead.  These were the dead rodents in this engagement:



‘Uthmaan Al-Rajawi (YEMENI YOKEL)

Mustafaa Al-Ghandoor (LIBYAN HORSE FLY and self-proclaimed explosives expert)

Saabir Al-Hulwaani

Sa’adi Rabaah

Fahd Habboos

Muhammad Al-Waali

Nu’maan Kahhaala

‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Safadi

Bashshaar ‘Urmaan

Sameer Al-Hussayn

Waleed Khabbaaza

Safwaan Al-Hindi

Burhaan Shadeed

Muhammad Al-Mukhallalaati

May their rodent souls roast in an eternal Hell.


Doumaa:  The Syrian Army is relentless here. ‘Alloosh’s group appears more disconnected than ever with their leader traipsing through Turkey and Jordan looking for someone to take him seriously:

Khaalid Al-Aju (Var. Al-Ajwa.  Jaysh Al-Islam field commander) 

‘Abdullah Al-Biqaa’iy

Faheem Shakkoor

Muneer Muhyi-Al-Deen

Maalik Sumood

Ahmad Al-Dawkhi  (a/k/a “Abu Talha”)

Hussayn Shaykhu

Another 4 could not be identified.  May they, too, burn in the Hell reserved for bats and vermin.



مقتل أكثر من 22 إرهابياً بعمليات برية وقصف مدفعي للجيش في ريف دمشق

The Syrian Army and its allies in HZB have taken over control of these areas of the Qalamoon as of 3:00 p.m. Damascus time:

Al-Bulooksaat Heights: A very strategically important elevation south of Jarajeer foothills.  The area liberated is more than 20 square kilometers with a peak at 2,400 meters overlooking Al-Jaraajeer, Qaarra, ‘Arsaal.  The SAA reported killing 39 rodents of Alqaeda/Nusra and demolishing 3 pickups with 23mm cannons and a bulldozer used for building fortifications.


Qurnat Shu’aab Al-Nusoob:  Complete control. Rat weapons left behind in helter-skelter withdrawal.


Qurnat Sham’aan:  Complete control.  Near Al-Jaraajeer.


Qurnat Abu-Harb: Complete control with rats abandoning positions riotously and without a trace of military discipline.


Qurnat Shumays Al-Hissaan:  Syrian Army advancing against weakening Alqaeda positions. I am told it will be liberated in the next few hours.


Al-Bihaariyya and Nawla:  A reported 3 rats killed and their pickup destroyed.


Harastaa Farms:  A reported 6 rodents wounded and rushed to field hospitals. No other details.


Jawbar:  At the Maysaloon Roundabout.  No details about rats killed.


Al-Zabadaani:  At the Radio Station Neighborhood and Barada Street, these rodents were dispatched to Mephistopheles:

Saleem Hassan-Bayk

Faarooq Muhammad

Ahmad Shu’aybaat

Another was not identified.

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