الجيش السوري


DER’AH:  The new tactics are working elegantly.  Intercepted rodent communications indicate a full awareness of the adaptation of the Syrian Army to a recently  introduced style of warfare which imitates Hizbollah’s own methods as used successfully in South Lebanon during July of 2006 when the Lebanese Resistance ground Zionist Army vermin into the ground using lightning speed, knowledge of terrain and specific weaponry designed for that particular battle.

The Syrian Army’s high command took note of this phenomenon in Lebanon and directed officers to train their men in tactics like this.  It was well known that the Syrian General Staff played with the idea of using Hizbollah’s methods as a standard for any new combat with the Zionist Settler State.  As time wore on, the largely old fashioned officer corps in the SAA, slipped back into traditional Soviet-style fighting with heavy use of tanks, BMPs, Shilkas and fixed artillery.  That may be a thing of the past.  Events in Idlib, Al-Tha’lah and now, Busraa Al-Shaam, have shown that the acquisition of data, precise use of air power, off-site direction of artillery and missiles, and the injection of infantry flanked by units prowling for rodents using TOWs, MANPADs, Hell Cannons and the like produce far better results than what can be gathered from some burned out T-72 tanks.

BUSRAA AL-SHAAM:  On Tuesday, at 4:00 a.m. Damascus time,  Syrian Army platoons moved stealthily into the southern area of Busraa Al-Shaam.  Other SF and ranger groups had already preceded them to positions allowing the special operations groups to snipe-out perimeter guards and TOW, RPG or Kornet operators.  All specialized units were equipped with night-vision goggles.  The Syrian Air Force was ordered to begin strafing identified fortifications built by the Nusra/Al-Qaeda rats which caused some panic in the group.  Of course, it appeared they didn’t know a huge field operation was about to begin which did not include the usually noisy tanks.  The orders to the army were quite simply to kill as many rodents as possible without committing to holding territory – that would come at a later date. The idea here was to test rat defenses and reduce their ability to deploy rodents and weapons systems.  According to Monzer, the operation went off even better than expected as deranged scavengers, dizzied by SAAF strafing, lost their bearings and fell into a maelstrom of firepower from the SAA as soldiers poured over revetments killing every slimy rodent they could see.



Look carefully at the map.  Monzer tells us that the SAA shocked the rodent defenders by not using roads.  Since we had non-mechanized infantry, they traversed unorthodox pathways into the city without stirring much interest.  It was an amazing ruse.  Now, rats will have to take into consideration frontal assaults by the SAA distant from established routes.  Monzer also told me that the soldiers were ordered not to damage infrastructure or the magnificent Roman structures which attract millions of tourists to this site.


مقتل 100 إرهابي بعملية خاطفة للجيش في مدينة بصرى الشام بدرعا

The assessments made during the action are highly accurate as SAA soldiers reported their kills regularly to their unit commanders.  At the close of the battle, the SAA had killed 117 rats belonging to Alqaeda.  There may be more as wounded vermin succumb to the questionable medical skills of their shamans and quacks.  However, this is a major battle which heralds the introduction of a new form of warfare the terrorist rats and their American, British, French, Zionist, Saudi, Jordanian and Qatari enablers are not prepared to handle. Das Ende.


Umm Walad:  The SAA continues operations here to comb and clean the area.  Rat sympathizers admitted to losing this excrement today:

Ahmad ‘Aadel Al-Ghabaaghibi

‘Abdullah ‘Abduh Al-Teebaawi

Muneer Ismaa’eel ‘Ayyaash

Muhammad Sameeh Saamih Al-‘Abdullah

Khayyaam Fareed Al-Rifaa’iy

Hussein Mahmoud Hussein Al-Rifaa’iy

* Our congratulations to the Al-Rifaa’iy family for participating, once again, in the race to fatten the statistics of Hell. 


Der’ah City:  Reports of skirmishing on Dam Road, East of the Medical Doctors’ Union Building, Al-‘Abbaasiyya Bakery, Al-Hammaadeen Quarter, East of the National Hospital.

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